freedom babes x SCOTTSDALE

APRIL 22-23, 2019


We’re going to the desert!

I am so excited to mastermind in person together in Scottsdale!
We’ll be hanging out April 22-23 for some business planning, biz bestie bonding,
relaxation, good eats + drinks!

The event will be hosted at The Scott Resort + Spa which has ALL the chic, desert vibes!! This is also where I’ll be staying. If you want to look at rooms or check out the hotel, click here for the website and here for the Instagram page

An official itinerary will be available closer to the event, and I’ll also be sending out a questionnaire.


+ start browsing flights

+ download the Hopper app to watch flights - it alerts you when it’s a good time to book

+ add the dates to your calendar and request the time of work if needed

+ start browsing accommodations and chat with each other about them! It’s so fun to share hotel rooms or an airbnb and is a great way to get to know your mastermind sisters better

+ recommended travel dates: fly in April 21 or earlier, fly out April 24 or later (if you have the spa and boozy brunch bonus with me make sure your flight is at night the 24th or next day!)

+ if you want to make a vaca out of it, extending your trip before or after the event is a great idea!