How often do you celebrate your wins?

Sure, you probably celebrate your big wins, like firing your boss (you go, girl!), getting your first clients, launching your biz, or achieving a HOT income goal.

But do you celebrate your small wins?

While it’s awesome to celebrate your big wins (and you should continue to do so), it’s equally important to acknowledge and celebrate your small wins too! 

I was pretty bad at this myself. I'm kinda a bit of a perfectionist, AND I tend to be pretty hard on myself.

I would make myself work really, really hard, and even cut myself off from fun things, until I accomplished my goals and "deserved it." 

I didn't realize I was doing it all wrong.

I was down playing all of the small things I was doing that were moving me towards my goals. I was only focused on the destination.

Entrepreneurship is truly about the journey, and the person you become throughout the process. That's why it's so important, not to mention MUCH more fun, to celebrate along the way, instead of waiting until you "get there."

Once I learned this (the hard way, of course), business & life became way more exciting. I attract more into my biz & life because I am happier, and more positive, more often. I also have many more reasons to do something nice for myself (buying my fave bottle of wine is happening a lot more than it used to!).




Like I mentioned, it's pretty easy to ignore the little steps you take in the process of your journey. When you get caught up in the destination, things like exploring your passion, goal/vision work, or behind the scenes day-to-day work on your biz don't really feel that important.

These things end up becoming every day activities that you "HAVE" to do in order to be successful.

But let's take a step back for a minute.

These little things you think you "HAVE" to do, are actually BIG things you have CHOSEN to do. When you decided to become an entrepreneur, or decided to launch a business, so you can ditch your 9-5 6 months from now, you made a choice.

Any smaller tasks or achievements that are a reflection of that choice should be recognized, because when you decide to live by design, that sh*t needs to be celebrated!




STEP 1 - Take A Look Back

We may have some catch up work to do!

Think back to where you were 1 year ago. How does that compare to where & who you are today? What have you achieved?

Most likely, your really big accomplishments will come to mind first. Dig a little deeper, and really think about some of the less obvious achievements that you may have overlooked, but totes deserve a celebration. Maybe you finally committed to that gym membership you'd been putting off, or you wrote out the 5 year vision you have for your life. Write down 5 things and why they are celebration-worthy.


STEP 2 - Adjust Your Mindset

Were you surprised by your list of small wins you forgot to celebrate? I sure was when I did this exercise! In order to improve our ability to recognize our small wins, let's adjust our mindset so we notice these a bit easier (+ have more chances to pop some bubbly!).

More often than not, you are your hardest critic. You tell yourself you only deserve a break, or reward when you hit those big goals. Let's retrain your mind to be more generous, and give yourself a nice ol' pat on the back more often. 

The more you pay attention to how awesome you are, and allow yourself to celebrate your small wins, the more natural this process will become. Before you know it, you won't need to remind yourself to be proud of your small wins, it will just happen!


STEP 3 - Take action

This step will strengthen your ability to adjust your mindset. Commit to celebrating a small win at least once a week.

How you celebrate is totally up to you! Whatever you do, do something that feels good and makes you excited. It doesn't have to break the bank either. Simple things like giving yourself a cozy movie night at home, or treating yourself to a fresh mani, are great ways to celebrate. Make a list of ways you can celebrate your small wins and write them down!


The BEST thing about celebrating your small wins is it allows you to feel good about your business and what you're accomplishing. When you feel good about what you're creating, you are way more motivated to keep hustling away.

Don't wait for something big to happen to celebrate. The fact you are setting goals for yourself, and working toward your dream life is enough of a reason to celebrate. 

Pop that bubbly, girl!


love + abundance,

kelly xx


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