As you go through your day, how often do you remind yourself to be present in each moment? It’s so easy to get caught up within the hustle & bustle of your life - work, to-do lists, house chores, social commitments, social media - that you forget to take a minute to step back, and live in the moment. 

While I was traveling through Italy & the Greek islands this summer I found myself complaining about my heavy backpack, and the scorching heat most travel days. Of course it was a pain in the ass to lug a 30lb backpack uphill as the sun was beaming down on me. I would literally be drenched in sweat by the time I would get to my hotel. It was uncomfortable and gross.

One afternoon as I was laying beachside in gorgeous Positano, reflecting on my trip, I was reminded of how important it is to be present and live in the moment. It suddenly hit me how I was being a huge brat by complaining about the heat & my backpack on those travel days.

Once I realized this I was like, “Are you KIDDING me? You are on your dream trip and you’re complaining? Get over it!!” - RIGHT?! This trip had been on my bucket list for YEARS and before I knew it, it would be over. Right in that moment I was reminded to be so grateful for where I was and everything I was experiencing. I was reminded to embrace these “challenges” because they were a part of my journey.




 + You become more engaged in your life & your work

+ When you’re more engaged you’ll feel more aligned and a higher spiritual connection with the Universe

+ You remember to be thankful for where you are now, instead of thinking of everything you have not yet achieved

+ It will improve your work & personal relationships




ONE: Ditch Your Phone

Ok, I’ll be the first to admit I’ve got work to do with my phone. You know those photos on Instagram that mock a girl who’s “always on her phone?” - yeah, I get tagged by my friends in those on the regular. But I’d like to think I’ve made some big improvements in the last few months!

Of course there is a time and place for your phone. I’m a big advocate for using your phone (social media) to grow your biz, but for the purpose of “being present”, we’ll save that topic for another day!

If you get easily tempted to check your phone every 5 minutes to see how many likes your latest insta pic has received (guilty), put your phone in another room or somewhere where it’s not so accessible. This may take a bit of practice, but I promise it’s worth it!

Another thing that really helped me was turning off my social media & email notifications! This is a GAME CHANGER! When you don’t constantly have your phone going off with 800 notifications/hour, you start to forget about it, and it becomes way less distracting!


TWO: Active Listening

Key word - ACTIVE. Listening is NOT letting the other person talk while you think about what you’re going to say next. When someone is talking to you, reeeeally listen. 

Make it about them, not you. When you listen to someone without any distractions, you allow yourself to be present in that moment. People can tell when you’re actually listening, and when you’re pretending to because you’re distracted by something else. Relationships become incredibly stronger when you are an active listener, and give your entire presence. 


THREE: Show Gratitude

Gratitude is everything!!! Before you roll your eyes, let me explain why. 

Showing gratitude tells the Universe you’re thankful for where you are & what you have now. Trust me when I say, gratitude allows you to attract more abundance into your life - it’s almost scary how well this sh*t works.

Often we get so caught up in what we want and where we’re going, that we forget how far we’ve already come. 

Think about where you were 1 year ago. Reflect on the goals you had, the things you wanted to do, places you wanted to see, etc. What are some of the things you’ve checked off since then, or have made progress on? Make a list & write out why you’re grateful for them.


Remembering to be present isn’t always easy. When you’re working toward your juicy goals, or looking forward to the next “big thing,” you forget to be present. When you truly live in the moment, and take in where you are in your life, you realize you’re exactly where you’re meant to be & remember to enjoy the journey.


love + abundance,


kelly xx

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