Have you ever heard the quote, “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”? It is SO perfect and SO true!! 

Think about it, when you were growing up (and even now) you would probably hang around certain people who were really great influences, and others who weren’t. The ones that weren’t good influences may have had a tendency to get you into trouble, or may just have been super draining Negative Nancys (no one likes those!).

Your circle of influence can either help or hurt you. 




When I first began my journey as an entrepreneur, I had a handful of friends + family members who always had something negative to say. I would constantly hear things like, “that won’t work,” “are you rich yet?” and “but what about your degree?” 

Anytime I’d go to a family function, or a party with friends, someone had something to say. It became seriously exhausting, and I even started to doubt myself, and think, “what if they’re right?”

Eventually I finally asked myself a REALLY IMPORTANT question, that put everything into perspective. 

I asked myself, do these people, the ones who always have a negative comment, or some stupid joke to make, do they live a life I want for myself? Do they have the lifestyle, relationships, income, health and success I desire for my life?

The answer was always no. 

They didn’t have a bad life by any means, but they were also not the people who had the time, or financial freedom I was after. 

The next time you encounter a negative Nancy, ask yourself the same question. It is incredibly freeing. 




I have an exercise for you to help examine your circle of influence. I’ll be honest and say it’s not the most comfortable thing to do - it may require you to start limiting the amount of time you spend with certain people. However, it is super important to take inventory of who you’re spending your time with to ensure you are setting yourself up for the success you deserve!



The first step of this exercise is to take inventory of your current circle, and acknowledge who currently has a POSITIVE influence on you + your future

These are people who are supportive of your goals and dreams, will call you out when you’re not doing your best, or could be doing better, and truly want to see you succeed.

Write a list of 5 people who are in your current circle of friends + family that already have a positive influence on you. Express your gratitude to each one of them personally. It’s always a good idea to show friends + family how thankful you are for them!



Who are you hanging out with that has a NEGATIVE influence on you + your future?

These are people who are constantly shutting you down (there is a difference between this and constructive criticism!), have negative energy and are draining to be around, and get jealous of your, or can’t genuinely be happy for you. 

Write out the names of anyone you feel is having a negative influence on you and holding you back from experiencing the success you deserve.

Limit the time you spend with these people. In some circumstances if the relationship is super toxic, you may need to cut them out altogether. Use your best judgement to decide how much time you will spend with them.



Find people who already have the lifestyle you want. 

Who can you think of, both those you know personally and those you do not, that are already living the life you desire? These people have the lifestyle, relationships, income, health and success you look up to. 

These are the people you should be learning from and taking advice from. These are your mentors. 

If you know them personally, pick their brains and study what they have done to be successful. If you do not know them personally, reach out if its possible, and if they’re a public figure (Oprah, Gabby B, Marie Forleo), learn from them by reading their books + blogs, listening to their audios, watching their videos, etc.

Write out at least 3 people you should be learning from, and what action you will take to begin the learning process.



Your circle of influence can make or break you. There will always be people who are negative, and not so fun to be around. Energy is easily transferred, which is why it’s important to create some boundaries when it comes to those Nancys. 

Make sure to surround yourself with positive, uplifting, and encouraging people who genuinely want to see you succeed, and will support you each step of the way in your journey.


love + abdundance,

kelly xx


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