How often do you hold yourself back, because of your fears?

Maybe you have a really amazing business idea, but you’re not taking action because you’re scared it will flop and won’t work out. Maybe you have an incredible dream to live in Australia for a year, but you’re scared to travel alone and leave all your friends + family behind. Or maybe you really want to strike up a convo with that hottie at your gym, but you’re afraid you’ll look stupid.

Regardless of what it is that scares you, the point is, we all have something. We all have something that scares the sh*t out of us and paralyzes us from taking action.

For a very long time I was scared of goal setting. I know, it sounds SO silly right? Like, how could you POSSIBLY be afraid of goal setting? 

Well, I used to fear goal setting because it meant there was possibility for failure. What if I set this amazing goal, and then didn’t achieve it? I would feel like I disappointed + embarrassed myself.

That was my mentality before I stopped letting my fears control me. After I realized I was getting nowhere, it finally hit me that I was letting fear run the show. I realized that even if I set a goal and worked towards it, I would still get so much further than where I was when I let my fear control me. 

This set me free + allowed for some big changes in my life and business.




Have you heard the acronym for FEAR before? 





That’s right. Your fears actually don’t even exist, and are completely made up in your head. 

Our fears usually come from an idea, or an outcome. For example, I wasn’t afraid of doing the actual work involved with my goals, I was afraid of the possibility for failure (outcome).

But, I was already assuming I was going to fail. What if I assumed I was going to succeed? Do you think I would have an entirely different posture, and approach every situation with 10x the confidence? Of course!

Let me ask you, what would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail? Would you finally start that business? Take that trip? Talk to the hot guy? 

YES, you would!

There’s a quote by one of my favourite mentors, Darren Hardy, that says “doubt and fear steal more dreams than failure does.” 

This couldn’t be more true. Start assuming the best, instead of the worst, and watch your fears begin to disappear into thin air. 




ONE: Choose love

It has been said that there are only two emotions, love + fear, and everything else stems from them.

When you are feeling fear takeover, ask yourself, “am I operating from a place of love, or a place of fear?” 

Find a way to see love instead of fear. For example, assuming the best case scenario, instead of the worst (like we talked about earlier). Choosing love over fear will allow you to get back into the abundance mentality, and out of the lack mentality. 


TWO: Have a goodbye party for your fears

A lot of the time our fears exist because we just don’t know any better, and haven’t done anything to get rid of them. Writing out your fears is a great way to acknowledge them, and move on. 

Grab yourself a cup of tea (or wine), and try this exercise.

  • in your cutest notebook, write out a list of 3-5 fears you have in your life, or business
  • on the page beside, for each fear write out a NEW positive, empowering belief or affirmation
  • read your new beliefs/affirmations out loud until you believe them with every cell in your body
  • tear out the page with your fears, and rip it to shreds - you won’t be needing them anymore!

**Feel free to invite a few friends to this party, they probably have some fears to say buh-bye to, as well!**



I get it, fears suck. But what would suck even more, is letting them control you and hold you back from the greatness you deserve. Start taking action to overcome your fears + finally set yourself free.


love + abundance,

kelly xx


P.S. If you want to talk about your fears in more depth, email me at kelly@kellymarcyniuk.com, and I’ll provide you with some specific tips (just for you) to help you overcome your fears :)


Kelly Marcyniuk