When it comes to your biz, or career, are you constantly on go-go-go mode? Do you rush through your day to fit everything in and put everyone but yourself, first?

As humans, and women especially, we tend to prioritize anything and anyone, but ourselves. We are natural people pleasers so it’s usually difficult to get out of this habit, or we feel guilty focusing on ourselves first.

If you find yourself constantly stressed, burnt out, or not experiencing the results you’re looking for in your biz or job, this blog post was made just for you. Don’t feel guilty or ashamed, because we can fix this. Know that it’s normal and be committed to change.

I’ve been there too. In fact, I used to be one of the biggest people pleasers I knew. I was the “yes” girl. I found it so hard to say no to friends and family because I didn’t want to disappoint anyone. It didn’t take long for me to feel completely exhausted, and like I was getting nowhere in my own life.

I finally asked myself if what I was doing was moving me closer to where I wanted to be, or making me the person I wanted to be. The answer was one big, fat no. This was a big reality check. Once I finally started putting myself first and made sure I was taken care of, is when I started to see the results I was looking for in my life and biz.



Before I go on, let me just say there is a difference between what I’m talking about, and giving to others. It’s so necessary to serve and provide value to the lives of others, but you have to fill up your own cup first.

How can you possibly be or give your best when you are exhausted from saying yes to things that aren’t in alignment with your values, and neglecting your self care?

The point is to focus on you + your self care, and then give to others in ways that feel good and are in alignment. When you do this, everyone wins. No one benefits when you show up as anyone that’s less than your best self. When you take care of you first, you provide WAY more value because you are energized and feel pretty GD good about yourself.



I get it, it can be hard to say no when your bestie texts you to go for drinks and you had plans to go to the gym, or write next week’s blog post.

You can still say yes. If you need that time and it’s going to fill your cup back up, do it. If it’s going to be a distraction and you want to say yes just out of obligation, don’t.

It’s okay to say no. Be okay with no. Don’t let it make you feel awkward or guilty. Get really clear on your values and your desires and it becomes increasingly easier to say no to things that don’t feel good.



When you have your own biz, or work a 9-5, you come first. At the end of the day, you are going to produce significantly sh*ttier work when you’re not doing things that make you happy, or feel good. 

Your energy shows up in your biz or job. If you aren’t feeling your best and are constantly stressed, anxious, or miserable, that’s going to be reflected in the work you do. 

What makes you happy and makes you feel good? Is it working out 3x a week? Reading a book for 30 minutes every day? Taking time to meditate or journal?

If you’re not taking time for yourself every damn day, you’re doing it wrong. 

Look at self care as a mandatory component of your job or business. Once I started doing this it changed everything. I make self care a priority because it significantly affects how I feel in my business, and the results I experience. 



Having a daily practice is a great way to not only start off your day, but practice some major self care. Your daily practice is something you do every day that gets your mood and energy in a good place, and sets you up for a fab day. 

This is that my daily practice looks like each morning:

+ 10-15 minute meditation

+ Gratitude journal

+ Tapping exercise by Brad Yates (check out his youtube channel!)

+ A glass of warm lemon water 


Find a daily practice that works for you (if you need help with this, reply to this email and I’m happy to give you suggestions!), and schedule your self care before anything else! You will notice such amazing changes in your mindset, mood, and even the results you experience in your business or job! 

When you look at self care as a necessary part of your job, just like replying to emails, you let go of that guilty feeling you associate with taking time for yourself, and allow it to become a priority.


Do you, girl!!


Love + Abundance,


Kelly xx


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