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I am super pumped to be back on board with these weekly posts! The last few Mondays were technically holidays, so I took some time to unwind + unplug. I hope you had a beautiful holiday and feel just as excited as I do to make some serious sh*t happen in 2017!!

When you read the title of this post, “is money holding you back from the lifestyle you desire,” were you thinking, “well yeah, obviously!!”? 

Then this post was pretty much made for you!!

Money is an interesting topic. And it’s really not as tricky as you may think!

Your relationship with money has everything to do with the number you see in your bank account. In other words, the way you think + talk about money, your beliefs about money, and the story you’ve created around money, all determines how many zeros you see in your account.

If you dream of having a freedom lifestyle where you work a few hours a day from home, jet-set whenever you please, and have consistent 10K months, but you’re always complaining about being broke or poor, you’re going to stay broke or poor. Your money mindset will 100% hold you back from having the lifestyle you dream of. 

Money is energy. The way you feel about it will always reflect your reality. 

Unless you commit to changing your beliefs around money, your circumstances will remain the same. We change our lives by choice, not chance or luck. 




The great news is you can change your beliefs about money, create a strong money mindset, and actually have the income + lifestyle you dream of.


ONE: Ditch your money baggage + create new beliefs

Get really clear on your current money beliefs. Are they negative or positive beliefs? Are they helping you achieve your goals, or hurting you and holding you back? Sometimes your beliefs are taught to you at a young age and you may not have even realized you had them. 


Take a moment to write out your negative money beliefs. Here are a few examples that may resonate with you:

+ The rich get richer, the poor get poorer

+ To be rich or have money you have to be lucky

+ I never have enough money

+ I’ll never get out of debt

+ I’m broke/poor

+ It’s difficult for me to make money

+ I can’t afford the lifestyle I want


These sh*tty beliefs will keep you stuck!! 

Once you’ve written out your limiting beliefs about money, go through each belief, cross it out, and beside it write a new + empowering belief.

For example:

"I never have enough money"   [becomes]   "I always have more than enough money for all of my desires"

Do this for all of your negative money beliefs and you will begin to look at money in an entirely different way!


TWO: Write yourself a new money story

Once you’ve written out your negative money beliefs, you’ll start to realize where these beliefs came from. Maybe your parents taught you at a young age that rich people are lucky, and making money is based on luck. Or perhaps you would hear them say, “we’re broke,” or “we can’t afford that.”

These beliefs play a big role in your money story.

Your money story is a combination of your beliefs + thoughts about money, the language you use around money, and your past experiences with money.


Take some time to understand your money story by reflecting on the following:

+What did your parents teach you about money at a young age

+ What beliefs have you created around money

+ What language do you use with money and is it negative or positive? (words like debt, poor, expensive are negative!)

+ What experiences have you had with money that play a role in how you look at it today


Once you get super clear on your current money story, it’s time to break up with it and move on to something better!

Write out your new money story in present tense. Include your new money beliefs, positive money language (terms like investments and wealth are great), and your new experience with money!

While you’re doing this remember that there is no need to shame yourself or anyone else for your past money experiences, or your current beliefs around money. You (and those who taught you about money) were doing the best you could at the time with what you knew. Instead of feeling embarrassed or shameful of your past, acknowledge it, let it go, and get excited for all the abundance you’re about to bring in with your new money beliefs and story!


THREE: Make your goals + desires a necessity.

It’s too easy to let money get in the way and use it as an excuse to not achieve your goals, or have the lifestyle you desire.

With it being a new year and all, I ask you one thing. 

Let 2017 be the year where you finally make your goals + desires non-negotiable. Make them an ABSOLUTE necessity in your life, just like food and water.

This will create such a powerful shift in your mindset. 

If you’ve been putting your desires on the back burner because of money, hear me out.

You’ve been doing this because you don’t view your desires a necessity. Think of the last time you REALLY wanted something, but were strapped for money. Did you find a way to make it happen regardless? My guess is yes.

When you make your goals + desires a necessity, you figure out a way to find the money. You drop the BS excuses that have held you back for way too long, and finally get the results you’ve been looking for. 

If you want money to show up for you, make it a necessity. Make your goals + desires for 2017 non-negotiable. When you show up and are ALL-IN, there is some serious magic that happens!


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love, abundance and lotsa $$$, girl!


kelly xx

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