I’m not a big fan of choosing between 2 things I love. 

Cake OR ice cream?  

The heels OR the bag? 

Mom OR Dad? 

Bali OR Australia? 

None of these choices feels great to me, because in each of these examples, I’m equally interested in both options! And, to me, life is about FREEDOM, not limitations. 

But there was a time - and it wasn’t too long ago - when I felt like I had to choose between two things I wanted because my mindset hadn’t quite caught up to my new reality of running a freedom-based online business. 

About a year ago, my cousin married the love of his life in Australia. Of course, my sister and I wanted to join in on the celebration! So, we were excitedly planning our trip across the world. And we thought that as long as we were going to take a 20+ hour flight, we’d better fit in all the other places we wanted to see. 

For as long as I could remember, I’d been dying to get to Bali. I had a lot of friends in the online world who’d visit and post the most amazing photos of beautiful beaches and relaxing resorts - and Bali seemed to have this electric spiritual energy that I was really interested in tapping into. 

My sister, on the other hand, was longing to visit New Zealand. Maybe it started when she sawLord of the Rings with its view of majestic mountains . . . in any case, she was determined that our trip to Australia would also include a stop-over in New Zealand. 

We decided to try to fit everything in . . . I mean who wants to compromise, lol!!! But as we made our plans, the trip was feeling more and more hectic and rushed by the minute! 

Have you ever been on one of those high school field trips where the teacher dragged you around to museum after museum after historic site after historic site until you had no recollection of where you’d been and no understanding of what you’d seen?! 

Me too! I’ve been on plenty of those kinds of trips, and I wasn’t interested in having a rushed and stressful "vacation." 

It became clear really quickly that the only way we were going to fit in Australia + New Zealand + Bali in that one trip would be to run around from place to place without having time to relax and enjoy any of them.  

I was super bummed because it looked like Bali was the option we were going to miss out on so we could more fully appreciate Australia and New Zealand.  

And then I caught myself! I realized that I was operating from my old, limited mindset instead of embracing my new Freedom Babe ideas {the ones I was already helping my clients adopt}! 

See, the last time I had travelled outside of Canada was a trip to Europe that cost $5,000.  Ihustled for that money.  I worked double and triple shifts - from open to close - at a local restaurant for nearly a solid month - cutting every corner to save up the money I needed. And by the time I got to Europe, I was super burnt out and exhausted! 

So for this Australia trip, I still had in the back of my mind that I’d better hurry up and fit everything in - because who knew when I’d have the money or time to get back around the world again?! 

I had drifted back into a mindset that was the exact opposite of what I teach as a Freedom Babe and in The Freedom Babe Business Bootcamp! 

Thank goodness I was able to catch myself in that damaging thinking pattern and flip the script!!! 

So what did I do next? 

  1. I realized that I could easily return to Bali for a separate trip a few months after my cousin’s wedding. There was no need to cram it into that trip. It deserved its own special visit, and I started making plans for a separate Bali trip.


  1. I acknowledged that a huge part of why I created my online biz is so I’ll have the time and location freedom to go to Bali whenever I want:-) And I felt so joyful knowing that I could still serve my clients from the sandy shores - if I chose to - or take a whole week off if that’s what I desired!


  1. I decided that I was not going to hustle for a single penny of the money I required for either the Australia OR the Bali trips. No way was I working open to close again for that trip. Instead, I determined that my new freedom-based biz was going to support my travel.  I focused my mind on calling in the exact right clients at the exact right investment level that would support a beautiful trip across the world. I kept the faith even when it looked like the money might not come in when I needed it to. And just like that, two clients signed on in one week, which meant that I had more than enough financial freedom for an expansive and abundant vacation!


  1. I remembered that I created my business so that I never have to choose between Australia and Bali! I can do both:-) I’m in control of my time and my money, and I can always call in more money if there’s an additional trip I’d like to take.


  1. I reminded myself that luxury travel is completely on-brand for my biz, and I gave myself full permission to enjoy multiple international trips every year!

So I’d love to ask you, where are you making yourself choose between two great options, when you could allow yourself to have them both???

Are you feeling restricted by your finances? 

Held back by your "lack" of vacation time? 

Controlled by a boss’ requirements? 

Then it’s time for a change, gorgeous! You can create a freedom-based online biz that will let you go to Australia AND Bali - without having to fit them both into a tiny-two-week window! 

And you DESERVE it all.  Everything your heart desires is yours to go out and claim. 

This week, begin thinking about how you can honor ALL of your desires. There’s a coach I know who talks about "taking a stand for the AND." I love that concept. Nothing has to be either / or. 

Cake AND Ice Cream. 

Mom AND Dad. 

The heels AND the bag. 

Bali AND Australia. 

It’s all possible with a freedom-based online biz, babe! 

Sending you massive love, 

Kelly xx

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