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On Friday I shared my past money struggles with you, and invited you to join my free training this week: how to ditch your money struggle + manifest the money you desire.

In case you missed the email, or haven't signed up for the training, click here to get signed up! It's happening Wednesday April 12th at 8 PM EST. If you can't make it live there will also be a replay sent out! The replay will only be available for a limited time and only to those who are signed up for the training, so be sure to get registered!

Today I want to share with you my top 3 tips for manifesting money. We will dive into this in much more detail during the training on Wednesday, but you can implement these tips today and get a head start!

These tips have really helped me to ditch my own money struggle and attract the money I desire in my life + biz. The techniques I am about to share also helped me earn over $7000 in my business in one week. It's pretty effin insane how well this sh*t works!! 


In order to truly manifest the money you desire, you must first get clear on what's holding you back

What limiting beliefs do you have around money? What sh*tty stories are you telling yourself about money? What language are you using when you talk about money (hint: I can't afford it, or I'm broke HAVE to go!).

The negative thoughts and beliefs you have around money are what ultimately hold you back from attracting more. Look at your relationship with money. Do you nourish and respect it? Or are you constantly talking sh*t about it? If you're treating your relationship with money like sh*t, that's what you're going to get in return. 

Here's some homework that will help you clear up your money baggage:

1) Get clear on your beliefs around money and where they came from (ex: making money is hard - maybe you saw you parents struggle to make money). Write them out on a piece of paper, then scratch them out and write your new money beliefs.

2) Write out your new, EMPOWERING money story and include your new money beliefs (ex: I love and respect money on a daily basis. I always have more than enough money for everything I desire, and I continue to attract money into my life with flow and ease).

3) Create a money affirmation for yourself and use it everyday!! Say these affirmations out loud, write them down, use post it notes as reminders, etc., (ex: money comes quickly and easily to me).


It's often really easy to get caught up in what money you don't have and focus on the lack. The problem with this is when you focus on lack, you will receive more lack. The Universe gives you what you focus on. 

If you want more money to show up in your life, you must show some serious love and respect to the money you do have.

Here are a few ways you can do this:

Wallet/Purse clean out: get rid of all the junk in your wallet and/or purse. Organize your receipts (I recommend taking them out of your wallet and use some sort of organization system), uncrumple your bills and have them all face the same way, and get rid of any old loyalty/point cards you don't need).

Focus on what money does for you/show gratitude: write out a list of reasons why you love money (ex: I LOVE MONEY because... money gives me the freedom to travel the world, money allows me to pay my bills, money gives me a place to sleep at night).

Create fun rituals: paying bills can suck, I get it. But why not switch up the energy around the not so fun things we do with money?! After all, money is just energy. Instead of paying off your bills feeling annoyed, next time pour yourself a tall glass of vino, blast some music, have a solo dance party, and pay your bills. How much better does that sound?!

Your homework for tip #2 is to do each exercise described above. Pay attention to how you feel when you do these activities. They will help to clear any stale, negative energy you have around money.


Why do you want money? What's the purpose behind it? What's it for? These are questions you must know the answers to in order to attract a dollar amount in your bank account!

It's simply not enough to say "I want to earn $10K this month," without having a purpose behind it. Money needs a place to go, and this is why it's so important to get clear on your desires.

Think of your money goal, whether it's an amount for the week, month or year, and write it on a piece of paper. Now write out what this money is for. What will you do with $10K in one month? Where is this money going (expenses, desires, investments, etc.)? 

It also works to do it the other way around. First, create a list of all your monthly expenses, desires, investments, and the dollar amount attached to each individual thing. Then add it all up for a total amount. This creates a monthly income goal that has a ton of power and purpose behind it! This is what creates clarity!!!

Tip #3 homework:

1) CREATE CLARITY!! Find purpose behind your numbers. Journal about why you want X amount of dollars, and where it's going when you get it. 

2) Pull out your inner mathematician and crunch those numbers! Create lists of all expenses, desires and investments for the month, and the dollar amounts attached to each. The total will be your magic manifestation number for the month. HINT: Get super specific with this so you have a very accurate number! 

Each of these tips has the power to help you manifest the money you desire. If you're ready to take things a step further, dig even deeper into manifesting money, and finally learn how to ditch your money struggle, join my free training on Wednesday April 12th at 8 PM EST. I'll be sharing the #1 reason why you're not manifesting the money you desire, and giving you the exact steps you can take to change that.



If you can't make it live, there will be a replay available for you! However, do your best to show up live to get the most from training, have all your questions answered during the live Q+A and get first dibs on the exclusive bonuses that will be announced (hint: they're pretty awesome)!

See you on the 12th! 

Lots of love + good money vibes,

Kelly XO

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