Have you been feeling bored, less than inspired, or just not like your fab self lately?

How do you get yourself out of this funk? Do you have any rituals/go-to practices? Or do you just wait around for it to pass, feeling sluggish and blah?

Maybe you don't even realize you're in a funk/not feeling your best. A lot of times this is the case, and until we actually feel amazing about ourselves, or have a really awesome day, we aren't aware of what we're missing out on!

In fact, this is what happened to me on Friday, and my inspiration for this post.

On Friday morning I woke up a little tired (shoutout to the few glasses of vino I indulged in Thursday night, while helping my bestie wedding plan), and thought "shit, I have things to do today. Should I push through, or go back to bed?"

Although napping was highly tempting, I decided that I was going to be the girl who shows up for herself. So, I drove home, put on a cute outfit, did my makeup, and drove to my favourite café to call my office for the day. 

I'm not sure if it was the flat white, running into one of my besties, or the fact it was Friday, but I literally had the best day, just working on my business. I felt alive, excited, happy, and just an overwhelming feeling of euphoria. Talk about a hangover cure!

It made me realize that you have the power to change your circumstances. You have the power to shift your day from negative to positive, or shitty to fabulous.

I could have decided to nap on the couch all day, eat crappy food, and watch Netflix. But I didn't. Just because you start your day feeling like shit, doesn't mean your day should go to shit.



How often do you continue to have a bad day, because your day starts out shitty? We are living in a society where we like to play victim and like people to feel sorry for us. We are constantly complaining about how we feel, what we don't have and how things could be better. 

Stop giving away your power when "bad things" happen. If you're late for work, does that mean that "today is just not your day?" NO! But when you look at it that way, you're only going to see the negative things that happen to you.

Instead of going down this road of negativity, why not reclaim your power and decide that you're going to have a good day? 

Stop playing victim, and consciously decide each morning what kind of day you're going to have. Then pay attention to how you feel throughout your day. I bet you notice some big changes.



Think of when you feel the best about yourself. Is it when you get dolled up to go out with your girlfriends? Is it on Friday when you know you don't have to work the next day? 

What is it about these situations that make you feel so good?

If getting dolled up to go out with your girlfriends makes you feel super fab, it's probably because you're taking time to care for yourself. Rushing to work, throwing your hair in a bun and applying your mascara at every red light, just doesn't give you the same effect, does it?

But what can you do to feel this way majority of the time? Maybe it's taking the time at least 2-3x a week to do your hair and makeup before work. It might sound silly, or obvious, but if it makes you feel good it's worth it. The better you feel, the higher your frequency will be, which results in a shit ton of positivity in your life!

Same thing goes with Friday. How can you trick your mind into making every day feel like Friday? It's all in your head, girl!!


Sometimes all it takes to get those good vibes flowing is just a little bit of change.

Have you been taking the same route to work everyday the past year? Have you been eating the same thing for breakfast? Are you constantly working from home in your sweats?

Switch it up!

When you're constantly doing the same thing over and over, energy gets stale. I can speak from experience. When I spend too many days in a row working from home, I feel less creative, less inspired and less driven. When I start feeling this way, I know it's time to switch it up, which usually means getting out of the house, or actually getting out of my PJs if working from home (LOL, I wish I was kidding).

Try it tomorrow. Take a new route to work (back roads are my fave). Make a delicious green smoothie, instead of your regular breakfast sandwich. Get dressed to the 9s like you were meeting a high end client, or going to a VIP meeting (even if you're working from home!). It will shift your internal energy and you will feel so.much.better.


Blast some music and have a dance party. This one never fails. 

What are your favourite ways to instantly feel better about yourself? Reply to this email and let me know - I'd love to hear them!

Sending lots of love, babe!

Kelly XO

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