Are you sitting at your desk this morning, thinking, "I really wish it was still the weekend." If you're Canadian, those thoughts might be extra strong today, due to the fact it was a long weekend (Happy May long!).

Do you often find yourself dreading your commute to work, sneaking off to the bathroom to text your friends, or thinking "is this it for me?" ???

Let me get super real here for a sec. If you hate the 9-5/employee life, are always contemplating if you're meant for something more, or find yourself envious of other women who are launching a business, traveling the world, living a freedom lifestyle, etc.,... it's because you are meant for something more.You are meant to ditch your 9-5, you are meant to launch your own business, and you are meant to live a total freedom lifestyle.

Don't take that lightly. 

This is something I always tell my clients. If you have those thoughts, it's because you're meant to do something bigger than what you're currently doing. There are a lot of women who don't feel this way, or don't get those thoughts in their current job. And there's nothing wrong with that! They are simply where they are meant to be, which is a beautiful thing.

If you're stuck at a 9-5, but unsure of where you're meant to be, or what your place in this world is, I have 3 steps you can take today to help you explore this some more, and get you out of your soul-sucking job!


Let's be honest. Most of us are working to live, not living to work. However,when your business is in total alignment with your lifestyle, the two pretty much become one, and you can barely tell when you're working or playing anymore. How awesome is that?! 

This is my current reality, and although there are definitely times I can get stressed out, or want to go back to bed instead of writing a blog post (*cough* this morning), my work/life balance has come a long way since my cubicle days!

Before we dive into what you want your business - AKA your ticket to leaving your 9-5 - to look like, I want you to get clear on your lifestyle goals first! For example, if you really value freedom, spontaneous jet-sets, and traveling the world, it probably doesn't make sense for you to have a brick + mortar business that you must show up to everyday. Get clear on your lifestyle goals first, and then build your business around that.

Here are some questions to journal about to help create an idea of your lifestyle goals:

+ What are your core values? (what do you value the most in your life - time, family, freedom, health, adventure, honesty, etc)
+ What do you want your lifestyle to look like 1, 5 and 10 years from now? (don't hold back!! anything is possible!)
+ What are you most unhappy/frustrated about with your current lifestyle?
+ What do you desire most in your current lifestyle?


Once you have clarity on your lifestyle desires and goals, build your business around that. Like I mentioned in step one, if you value freedom, and the ability to take spontaneous adventures a brick + mortar business, might not make the most sense. I would consider an online business, that only requires you to have your laptop to work! This is my current situation, and what allowed me to travel to Australia and New Zealand for four weeks earlier this year, and still work if I wanted to.

With that being said, if you have always dreamt of having your own store, or café, and don't have a strong desire to jet-set off to Hawaii next week (because this is possible for you!), then trust your gut! You know yourself best, and I strongly believe in following your intuition when it comes to making business and lifestyle decisions.

If you know 9-5/employee life isn't for you, and starting your own business is something that you've felt pulled to lately, or have always dreamt about doing, trust and follow that feeling. Here are some questions to journal about to help you create your business idea that leverages your dream lifestyle from step one:

+ Will your business be online, or brick + mortar? (be sure it's in alignment with your lifestyle goals!)
+ What skills or passions do you have that you can turn into a business you would love?
+ Do you see yourself running and enjoying this business for at least 3 years? 
+ What type of lifestyle will this business allow you to have?
+ What type of services or products will you offer?


Now that you have your lifestyle goals figured out and have started a business plan that will leverage that lifestyle, it's time to make sh*t happen!! Don't waste time getting started, or I promise, another year will go by of hating your job, feeling miserable, and wondering when things will magically change.

Things don't change unless you change. Get serious about your desires and your future. You can have everything you want if you just make a decision to go for it. Journal about these questions to help yourself commit to getting this plan into action, and closing your 9-5 chapter (woohoo!):

+ What can I do today to take action toward my lifestyle and business goals?
+ What outside support do I need to seek to make this happen faster and more professionally? (finding mentors, hiring a coach, personal development work)
+ When will I officially launch my business? (set a date!!)
+ When will I officially quit my 9-5/FT/PT job? (set a date and write your letter of resignation!)

Your desires are meant to be yours. It's time you went after them, already!

Sending so much love,

Kelly XO

P.S. This is exactly what I teach (in a lot more detail) in my 90 Days to Freedom Babe Program. We dive into this 1:1 and create a solid action plan for you to launch your new online business this summer. Having the support and accountability of a coach, is what took my 3 year dream, to an actual business, in an 8 week program. If you are ready for the same results, book your free, no-pressure call, and we can chat about how to do the same for you!