Do you ever find yourself saying “one day” or “soon” when you talk about your goals, dreams or desires? If so, let me take a stab at why. You don’t think it’s possible for you right now. You feel like there’s no way your current self could have your dream job, take your dream trip, or buy your dream car. So you say “one day I’ll have that” because your future self is capable, but not your current self.


I hate to break it to you gorgeous, but if you continue to have the “one day” mentality, one day is never coming!

I’ve been there too, and I know those are tough words to hear. But they’re absolutely mandatory to hear if we’re going to shake this “one day” syndrome!

I used to be a “one day” girl myself not all that long ago. I was constantly putting off my desires and telling myself they’d happen “one day.” This went on for a few years before I managed to snap the eff out of it. 

Year after year, I would set really exciting goals for myself. The problem was, year after year, I was setting the exact same goals because I was getting nowhere with them. I was refusing to take action + waiting for “one day” when my wishes would magically be granted. 

For a dreamer, this was a sobering wakeup call. I finally realized that if these desires were going to be fulfilled, I needed to do something about it and stop wasting time waiting around.

Since this moment there are two strategies I’ve implemented, so I could stop waiting for “one day” to roll around, and start fulfilling my desires immediately. 


What are your biggest desires right now? What do you realllllly want? What if you had that? How would act? How would that change your belief systems, posture, attitude? 

For example, if you were to quit your 9-5 and start a successful business, how would that affect how you show up in your life? How would that affect your relationships? How would that affect your mentality, posture, and attitude?

Get a really good picture of what this would look like and how this would change your life. Journal about this so you can get your thoughts in front of you. 

Now, start acting like that woman. Today.

You don’t have to wait until your desires have been met to become the person you want to be. Choose to show up as the woman whose desires arealways being met.

So often we think that our lives will become better once we have a certain outcome, or result. We think that everything will just magically improve once our desires are met. But this isn’t exactly the case. 

It's when we start acting as though our desires have already been met, that they will come to be. Not the other way around. 

Act as though what you are after is already yours, and get ready to start receiving at 10x the rate you were before. You can thank me later, boo!


Girl, what are you waiting for?!

“One day” is TODAY! Start taking action on what you want! You have the power to have whatever you want in this life. Take serious advantage of that!

What is your biggest desire right now? Is it to quit your 9-5, make more money, manifest your dream man? 

What have you done to make that happen? If you’re hearing crickets, don’t sweat it. You can start taking action today to change that. 

You must take action to build momentum and experience the results you want to see. What’s one thing you can day to start that momentum and show the Universe you are serious? 

If your desire is to quit your 9-5, write your post-dated letter of resignation. If it’s to make more money, write out 5 ways you can attract more money in your life (example: start your own business, increase your prices, ask for the raise). If it’s to manifest your dream man, make a list of all the qualities your dream man possesses. 

Start taking action toward your desires and “one day” is going to come a lot quicker than it would’ve otherwise. Promise. 

I hope these tips help you to stop suffering from “one day” syndrome. Know that your desires exist for a reason, you are completely deserving of them and they are meant to be fulfilled. Start implementing these tips today + things will change quickly for you. I know it.


Sending all my love beauty,

Kelly XO

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