Are you waiting until you've "made it," achieved a specific goal, or hit a huge milestone to reward yourself?

Are you holding out on your desires because you don't think you deserve them, or are just way too hard on yourself?

Girl, it's time to break that pattern, now. The more you hold out on your desires, the more you stop the manifestation flow.

Even if you haven't "made it" yet, achieved the specific goal, or hit that huge milestone, do something this week to reward yourself. Feed into your desires. Pay attention to them, and stop depriving yourself of them. The more you do this now, wherever you are on your journey, the better you'll feel, and the quicker you manifest the rest of your desires.


This was a huge ah-ha moment for one of my besties and I. We realized we werewaiting for everything to be perfect before we rewarded ourselves. We were waiting until we manifested the exact dollar amount we set out to achieve, the exact number of new clients we wanted - basically for our goals to play out exactly as we planned them to.

Then we literally said, f**k it. The Universe ALWAYS has a bigger and better plan for us, so why are we even expecting our goals to play out exactly as we planned? Why are we waiting for everything to be perfect until we reward and celebrate ourselves? Why are we being so insanely hard on ourselves?!

To be completely raw with you, neither of us hit our exact goals we set for the month of May. Does that mean we failed? F**K NO!

I had one of my BEST MONTHS EVER in May, so why was I being so hard on myself?! A year ago we would have cried tears of happiness if we knew how much our lives were going to change. And that is 100% worth celebrating.

Yesterday we celebrated. We went on the shopping spree that we told ourselves we were going to take when we achieved our May goals, and it felt pretty freaking amazing. We both know that because we allowed ourselves to have our desires (instead of depriving ourselves of them), we will manifest our bigger desires for June. It's just how The Universe rolls.


I encourage you to do the same. Find something worth celebrating from the month of May, and do something this week to reward yourself! You deserve it.

The more you celebrate your wins & reward yourself of your desires, the more growth you'll experience, whether it be in your personal life, business, or income.

What are you going to do to celebrate? Reply to this email and let me know!! I'd love to congratulate you on your May wins + hold you accountable to your celebration!

So much love for you!

Kelly XO

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