Do you have a daily practice routine that you do every morning to set you up for success?

This past year I've started implementing a daily practice each morning, and I've noticed huge shifts in how I feel throughout my day, my productivity level, and my ability to manifest.

Today I'm going to teach you how to create a daily practice routine that works for you, and share my very own with you as well!

I believe that each daily practice should have 3 components:
+ spiritual
+ physical
+ mindset


The spiritual component of your daily practice should be something that fuels your soul, and connects you with a higher power.

If you're new to spirituality, it may take some time to see what resonates with you. For me, God never resonated so much, but once I discovered "The Universe," that was a game-changer. 

Here are some exercises you can incorporate into your daily practice that will give you the spiritual component, and fuel your soul:

+ meditation
+ gratitude journaling
+ read books on spirituality (The Universe Has Your Back, Ask and it is Given)
+ EFT/Tapping
+ yoga


Get up and move!! Starting your day with movement is one of the best things you can do to wake yourself up, and shift your energy so you're feeling gooooood.

When it comes to the physical component, do something that  you enjoy and feels good! Don't force yourself to do physical activity that you hate. 

These are some great ways to incorporate physical activity in your daily practice:

+ go for a run/jog
+ go for a walk
+ get outside for physical activity
+ dance classes (or throw yourself a mini dance party)
+ yoga
+ stretching
+ circuit training
+ gym class/workout
+ hot lemon water
+ fuel your body with nutritious food
+ limit processed and refined foods

**Note: If you prefer to do your physical activity like your workout, yoga, or a dance class later in the day, that's totally fine! Take even just 1 minute in the morning to dance around, or get outside to start your day off.


What are you doing to feed your brain? Your brain needs to be trained, just like you train your body at the gym. Fuel your brain with positive and inspiring material, and protect it from the negative. 

Mindset really is the key to success. It is so crucial to work on your mindset everyday if you want to live a positive, inspiring, joyful life.

Here are some things you can incorporate into your daily practice to train your mindset:

+ read personal development books
+ listen to personal development (or positive + inspiring) podcasts
+ watch positive and inspiring documentaries, videos, etc
+ limit your exposure to the negative material you watch, read, or listen to (news, gossip magazines, reality tv, etc.,)
+ positive self-talk
+ affirmations
+ journaling
+ surround yourself with like-minded people
+ limit your exposure to the Negative Nancys


Here's a look at what my daily practice currently looks like. Each morning I spend about 30 minutes doing the following:

+ 10-15 minute meditation
+ 5-10 minutes gratitude journaling
+ hot lemon water or smoothie
+ quick stretch
+ EFT/Tapping exercise (often, but not always)

When creating your own daily practice, I recommend choosing 1 activity from each category. Start out small and allot a certain amount of time toward your daily practice each morning, so you don't spend all day on these activities.

As you make a routine out of your daily practice, you can incorporate more activities, or switch them up! If you start to get bored with your daily practice, that's usually a sign it's time to change things around, or even change where you do your daily practice (it's summer, so why not take your daily practice outside for a few months!).

I hope this helps you to create a daily practice routine that really works for you! Stick to it the best you can (I'll admit, sometimes life gets busy and my daily practice doesn't happen), and watch how you feel throughout your day, how your productivity level rises, and what you begin to manifest!

Sending you so much love!

Kelly XO

P.S. Was this helpful? Comment below with your new daily practice! I'd LOVE to hear what you came up with!

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