Full disclosure: I haven't finished my goal setting for the year or month.

They don't call me 'Last Minute Lindsay' for nothin...

If you're anything like me and thinking, "SHIT, it's Jan 17 and I still haven't set my goals?!?!" don't sweat it. Today is a VERY powerful day to do your goal setting for 2 reasons:

1) There's a new moon today and new moons are the perfect time to set new intentions
2) I'm sharing my goal setting process with you

Let's first talk about this new moon thing. New moons are a powerful time to set your intentions and get clear on what you desire. So if you've been slacking these last few weeks, your hall pass has arrived!

PLUS this is no ordinary new moon. Today is an 11 Universal Day, according to numerology and, and 2018 is an 11 Universal Year (2+0+1+8=11). This means today looks like 11/11 in numerology world. 

In case you didn't know, 1's have HUGE manifestation power behind them. So when you take time today for intention setting, be sure to focus on what you WANT (vs what you don't want) and be super clear about it because your manifestation power is on FIRE today.

So now that you know WHY you should take some time today to get clear on your intentions and goals for 2018, let me share my go-to goal setting process with you! This is the same process I used to manifest a $100K year in sales in 2017, and the same process my clients used to quit their jobs, travel the world, and launch their dream businesses.


Without overthinking it, or second guessing yourself, jot down some of your intentions for 2018. This could look like freedom, success, travel, growth, abundance... whatever feels best to YOU! Once you have these intentions, create clarity behind them. WHY do you want these things and what's the purpose (for you and others)? The more clarity you can create, the easier they'll be to obtain.


I like to goal set in groups of 3. It keeps things simple and easy to track. Based on your intentions for 2018, create goals that are SPECIFIC and can be MEASURED. I'm not someone who practices "SMART" goals, but I do think you need to have clarity behind your goals, so the more specific you can get, the better! And they should be measurable so you can track the fab progress you're making!

I use the following categories to set my goals, and I choose my top 3 goals for each category. I would to this for 2018 entirely, and then do them for January as well.

1) Business/Career Goals
- what do you want to achieve in your business/career this year?
- launching a business, a promotion, new job, new business venture, adding additional income streams to your business, etc
- do you want a certain amount of clients? a certain # of subscribers/group members? 

2) Income Goals
- what is your income goal for the year? (also do this for the month when you set monthly goals)
- savings goal
- past-investments paid off goal (debt, but we say past-investments because its way more high vibe!)
- a goal to invest in yourself

3) Lifestyle Goals
- what else is important to you this year that doesn't fit into business/career or income goals?
- travel goals, health goals, personal development or personal growth goals, passion project, etc


Without action, our goals are just nice ideas. If you are serious about achieving your goals this year, you MUST take action on them. 

I know it can be overwhelming to think about where you are now and where you want to be. It can feel like it will never happen, or take years. 

To prevent this overwhelm, simply focus on your first step, and then the next, and then the next. This takes the long-term pressure off, and before you know it you've achieved these huge, crazy goals, you set at the beginning of the year (I'm proof!).

For each goal you set, write down 1 action step toward each that you could take today. Once you've done this, commit to taking 1 step toward one of your goals, each day for the next 9 days (because you'll have about 9 goals written down after that exercise). 

The other important thing to remember with taking action, is you want to focus on how it would feel to achieve those goals, and do everything you can to feel that way NOW. You become an energetic for your desires this way and will become a master-manifester! It takes time, but trust the process, and stay in the feeling as much as you freakin' can!!!

I hope these tips helped you! I am so excited to hear about everything you achieve this year!

Sending SO much love beauty!

Kelly XO

P.S. I'd LOVE to hear about your goals!!! Comment below with your BIGGEST goal for 2018 and I'll send you a tip for getting into action and staying in the feeling! 

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