As an entrepreneur, I usually see two types of women:

A) The ones who succeed, grow, evolve, make shit happen, live out their biggest desires, and are unapologetic about it

B) The ones who have really exciting desires, but hold themselves back and stay in the same place

There are numerous reasons why this happens, but today I want to share with you the BIGGEST reason so many women stay stuck, and don't live out the fabulous life they know they're meant for...

They care too much.

They care about what others think of them, and let the opinions and beliefs of others dictate their lives.

I see this ALL the time. These women KNOW they are meant for greatness and KNOW they weren't born for a life of mediocrity. But they allow their fears and doubts of what other people think, or what they will think of them if they follow these big & crazy dreams, get in the way of actually taking action. 

And this is really the only difference between woman A and woman B. 

Woman A decided that she wanted it MORE than she cared about what other people would think.

Does that mean these women just never cared what others thought of them? Of course not. In fact, at one point she was probably TERRIFIED to take action on her desires, because she so deeply feared she would be criticized, judged, or made fun of for doing something different. However, at the end of the day she decided that she wanted her desires MORE than she cared what anyone else thought. 

The desire outweighed the fear.

What are you holding back on because you're letting your fear outweigh your desires?

Decide today that you're going to flip the switch. Decide that your desires are more important than what anyone else thinks of you. The moment you do this you'll set yourself free.

I was thinking I'd give you the classic, "3 steps to letting your desires outweigh your fear" kinda post, and break this down even more, but to be completely transparent with you, those 3 steps don't exist. It all comes down to a decision you have to make. And once you make this decision, you must act in alignment with it. Meaning, don't just tell yourself your desires are more important than the beliefs of others. Take ACTION on them. 

When I first started my coaching business, these are a few of the things I heard from others:
"How can you teach people to be successful when you're not there yet?" 
"Ya, but you also thought [network marketing company] was going to work for you..."
"Why are you only marketing women? You're leaving out half the population."

These opinions stung. They came from family, friends, and people I looked up to. But I knew I had to trust myself more than I trusted them. And I knew I had to care more about what I wanted to create, and believe more in myself, than I believed in anyone else.

If I had let these opinions stop me from launching my coaching business, I would never have:
+ quit my part-time job
+ launched my DREAM brand and business
+ manifested a 6-figure sales year
+ helped the most amazing clients launch their own businesses, and create a vehicle that gives them freedom, success and joy

"At first they'll ask you why you're doing it. Later they'll ask how you did it."

Mic drop.

Sending so much love,

Kelly XOXO

P.S. What beliefs of others are holding you back from getting started? Comment below and I'll give you a personalized tip on how you can stop letting the beliefs of others get in the way of your desires!

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