Now that you're up to date on WTF manifesting is, and the first step in manifesting your desires (I broke it down in yesterday's email), let's talk about step numero deux!

After you've done the clarity work and set your intentions, it's time to ACT AS IF.

Act as if means becoming an energetic match for your desires. And you become an energetic match by showing up and acting as if you already have whatever it is you're working on manifesting. 

This step is SO important and in my experience, it's where I see so many women mess it up (but we are going to change that today!).

Most women are showing up in a way where they're hoping, wishing and praying for their desires. The problem with this is that they are telling The Universe that they are lacking whatever it is they desire. 

And guess what? When you focus on lack, you get MORE lack.

This is why it's so important to act as if! When you show up as though you already have the things you desire, you are telling The Universe you have those things and in return, The Universe gives you those things.

So, right now, choose one of your desires that you wrote down yesterday. Then answer these questions:
+ How would you be showing up differently if you already had that desire?
+ How would your confidence change if you already had that desire?
+ How would you be dressing/presenting yourself if you already had that desire?
+ How would your mood change if you already had that desire?
+ How would you be showing up differently in your business/career if you already had that desire?
+ How would you be showing up differently for your community if you already had that desire?
+ What would you be doing differently if you already had that desire?
+ What action would you be taking if you already had that desire?

Let's say your desire is to manifest $8K in your business this month. If you already had that $8K what would be different?
+ Would you have a bit more pep in your step, a new level of confidence, and be dressed to the 9s?
+ Would you be less stressed about finding your next client, and more focused on giving value to your clients and community?
+ Would you be booking that week-long beach vacation, buying yourself some new clothes, ordering the 9 oz glass of wine instead of the 6 oz?

Get really clear on what would be different if you already had that desire, and start showing up this way NOW. If you wait until your desire is present, you'll always be waiting, because you'll always be focused on the lack.

When you raise your vibration, and energetically get on the same wavelength as your desires (by acting as if!!), is when you will attract them. 

Become an energetic match, and stay in the feeling. 

This step requires you to constantly be checking in with yourself and your energy. Set "energy check-in" alarms on your phone that go off throughout the day. When they go off, simply ask yourself, "am I acting as if?" The more you do this and practice acting as if, the more you'll stay that energetic match! 

Have fun with this step!!! You get to show up as the upgraded version of YOU! Enjoy it! 

Something I love to do when acting as if, is decide how I'm going to treat myself when I achieve that desire/goal I'm manifesting. For this month's goal celebration, it's a dinner out with my babe and a shopping trip. To make it feel REAL and act as if, I'll make a dinner reso at the restaurant I plan to celebrate at, and I'll schedule the shopping trip in my calendar. 

Make it feel as REAL as you can!

Tomorrow I share my third + final step of my manifesting ritual! It's an important one, so keep your eyes on your inbox!!

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Lots of love,

Kelly XOXO

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