I've been noticing lately that a lot of my community isn't very familiar with the concept of manifesting. And those who are familiar with it, aren't super confident in their ability to do it.

I want that to change!

In the last year I've really upped my manifestation game. I've used manifestation techniques to attract my dream clients, LOTS of travel, consistent 5-figure months and a 6-figure year in sales.

I've decided to breakdown manifesting for you and give you the 3-step process I use to manifest all of my biggest desires! Manifesting can be super simple when you know what you're doing and what to focus on. 

Before I get into step 1, let's talk about what manifestation even is!! Because I know some of you have been hearing that word get thrown around and you're thinking "WTF is she talking about?!"

To me, manifesting means to attract what you focus on. It ties into the Law Of Attraction in that what you dominantly focus on, is what your reality will be. 

Whether you realize it or not, you've manifested before. Think of a time when you wanted something SO bad that you couldn't stop thinking about it or visualizing yourself with it. Then eventually you got this thing or experience you desired so so badly (for me it was my first dog! I would NOT give up until I had that sweet fur ball in my hands). That is manifesting.

Now think about a time where you were really focused on something you didn't want to happen that eventually DID happen (eg: "I really hope I'm NOT late!" and then you end up being late). That is also manifesting.

It doesn't matter if you're focusing on something pleasant or unpleasant. If you are putting constant energy to a thought, it will become your reality. 

Now that you have an idea of what it means to manifest, let's talk about the first step in manifesting, so you can keep your thoughts positive and focused on what you desire!

The first step to manifesting your desires is ALL about clarity. Without getting clarity on what you want, it's really hard to call your desire in. 

Right now, make a list of your desires and get specific on them! For example, instead of just saying "I want success," what does success actually look like to you? Does it look like having consistent $8K months in your biz? Selling out your services? Quitting your job? Get clear on what your desires look like and be as specific as possible with them!

Once you have clarity on what your desires are, ask yourself why you want them. Why are these things important to you? How will they change you? How will they benefit everyone involved? This adds charge or purpose behind your desires, and allows you to make an emotional connection with them.

Now, set your intentions. Ask The Universe for what you want. Write out what you desire. Declare whatever it is you're asking for and calling in. I recommend doing this by writing them down in your cutest notebook, then reading them out loud and asking The Universe to support you with your desires!

When setting your intentions it's important to focus on what you DO want VS what you don't want. This is where you have to be careful with your wording! If you're saying "I want more money" you're telling The Universe there is currently a lack of money, and you'll attract more lack because that's where your focus is. If you desire "more money" get clear on an actual amount!

And that wraps up step 1 of manifesting! Do the things we talked about today and you'll be ready for step 2 - which I'll be supporting you with tomorrow. 

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SO excited to watch you manifest every single thing you desire!!

Kelly XOXO

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