Yep, you heard me. Be in love with your debt.

If all you can say is, "WTF" right now, hear me out.

Your debt is a blessing. It doesn't exist to stress you out, even if you often feel that way.

It exists to teach you something important and show you what you're capable of. 

Let me share my personal relationship with debt. 

For a few years I racked up a nice chunk of credit card debt, on top of a student loan.

During this time my sources of income were my network marketing business and a part-time job. 

I would often get stressed about my debt and think "when is this going to end?" Ultimately I decided that if I was going to pay off this debt, it was going to require me to do something different. I refused to spend years and years paying off my debt. I wanted to pay it off quickly. And it wasn't going to happen with the income I was making.

This really pushed me into action. I was hungry. I was driven. I knew things had to change. No more treating my network marketing biz like a hobby. And no more relying on part-time jobs for income. I wanted to be in total control of the money I was making and pay off my debt based on the amount I desired to pay each month, VS the amount that was left over after bills and expenses

Long story short, I hired a coach, got the support I needed to build a business and brand that really excited me, and decided there was no turning back. 

Within my first year in my coaching business I manifested 6-figures in sales, consistent 5-figure cash months, and finally felt like I had my debt situation under control.

Did it require me to invest in myself? Yes.

Was I able to pay off more debt in 1 year than the past couple years combined? Yes. 

The reason I see my debt as a blessing is because it pushed me into action. It forced me not to settle.

Had I never racked up debt in the first place, I honestly don't know if I'd be writing to you right now. 

The way I see it is if I didn't have debt as a driving force in my business, I likely would have settled for a corporate job because it would've been enough to pay the bills and get by. There's nothing wrong with that, but I know that's not the life I was born to live. I know I wouldn't have been happy or fulfilled.

Being in debt allowed me to realize the kind of lifestyle I desired, and what was possible for me. It gave me something to work toward. And now I can live a lifestyle that not long ago felt incredibly out of reach, without going into debt for it.

Debt allowed me to create a life that truly lights me up and gives me freedom, fulfillment and joy. I can't say I felt that way about my life before creating this business. 

This is why I'm in love with my debt + show it alllll the gratitude.

Today, I still have some debt that I pay off, but I choose to look at it as "past investments." That's the exact word I use for it, because that's exactly what it is. Past investments that allowed me to be who I am and where I am today. 

Thanks to the journey debt brought me on, I was also able to pay over $18,000 to my past investments in 1 month (December 2017). I would never have even thought that was POSSIBLE before starting my business. 

How can you show your debt some major love + gratitude? 

When you look at your debt with love and gratitude, you tell The Universe you are open to receiving, and you allow more money to flow into your life.

Money is just ENERGY. All that matters is how you feel about it. So how can you allow yourself to feel really great about it today? You can start by changing your perspective on your debt.

And let me also just say, The Universe never ever everrrrr gives us anything we can't handle. If you have debt know that you're meant to pay it off and overcome it. It wouldn't exist just to make you suffer. It's here to teach you something and to help you grow. When you start looking at your debt this way, it takes a lot of the negative pressure off. Don't let your debt define you. Let it grow you.

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