It has been a damn hot minute, hasn't it?! 

So... where the eff was I?

WELL.. it all started about 3 weeks ago when I jet-setted off to LALA land (LA) to hang out with some of my fave biz besties, and my coach who has become a bestie! I am a part of a year long mastermind group, which includes a few events - the first one being in LA.

The day-by-day low down on my trip to fill you in:

DAY 1 - My friend Kait (& mastermind sister) and I are both from the Toronto area so we flew out together (so much fun). We had the option to upgrade to "plus" seating (this plane's version of first class since it didn't actually exist) and said a big HELL YES to that. Seriously, best decision, EVER!! Unlimited drinks (you know I took full advantage of that), yummy food, and fab service. I couldn't upgrade on the way home and I'm sure you could imagine my disappointment...


DAY 2 - The first day of our event! Before we headed to our luxury villa where the event was hosted, Kait and I treated ourselves to a blowout from Drybar. Ok... this was my first ever Drybar experience and I am OBSESSED! I seriously need this in Canada! At the villa our day consisted of a business training/workshop, a delicious vegan lunch from a private chef, lounging by the pool, and of course, a Happy Hour. At night we went for dinner at Fig & Olive, then ended up at SUR for drinks (where we met James Kennedy from Vanderpump Rules- so fun!), and then made our way to The Abbey... all of which resulted in my Day 3 hangover.

DAY 3 - Hungover. Lol..but actually. BUT, I pulled it together for an AMAZING breathwork session by Gwen Dittmar. Basically we meditated while using a breathwork technique that I've never done or hear of before. I really don't know how to describe it but it was INSANE! We were all crying within minutes, and each of us had our own unique breakthroughs. It was powerful AF! If you're in the LA area, definitely check her out! In the evening we had a group dinner at Gracias Madre - does it get any better than Vegan Mexican?!



DAY 4 - We checked out of our villa and ended the event with a group Kundalini yoga session, which was super cool! I've never done anything like it before and I definitely enjoyed it. Plus I needed to sweat out the prosecco from day 2. Since I'm also a private 1:1 client of my coach, I also got an extra day with her - yay! We went for lunch and then got massages (with crystals, obvi) at The Now Spa in Venice. It was EVERYTHING!! You haveeee to go if you're in LA or visiting!

DAY 5 - Photoshoot day! My amazing photographer happened to be visiting LA at the same time, and there was no way I was going to turn down an LA photoshoot - seriously, is there anything more on brand?! I met her in Manhattan Beach, where we got some really, realllllly great shots (coming soon!). It was cold and windy AF on the beach, but we survived and I actually think the photos look better from the wind! Some of the girls met me at the end of the shoot, we took some adorbs girl gang pics, and then went for dinner at The Strand House - another must-visit. 


DAY 6 - Back to West Hollywood for Martina (mastermind girl/biz bestie) and I! We explored Melrose, bought all the dusts from Moon Juice, had photoshoots in front of all the cool walls, and had dessert at Cafe Flora. Total instagram-worthy day! Martina left for home in the evening (tear tear) and I met Amber-lee (my coach) for dinner and drinks at a super fab hotel restaurant, which I forget the name of. We ended our night drinking wine in our hotel room and spilling all our life secrets to each other (I told you she's become a bestie!).

DAY 7 - Dragged my slightly hungover ass (not even comparable to day 3) to the airport, got really excited when the waitress told me they could make a caesar (basically the Canadian version of a Bloody Mary - but so much better ;) ), cured my hangover with a caesar and a burger, and got on my flight back to TO!


Ok... not even kidding... one of the best trips EVER!! My favourite part of this trip was although it was for "business" it really just felt like a fun girls trip. There was bonding, laughing, tears, adventure, drinking (and 1 or 2 shitty hangovers), shopping... we did all of the things and my friendships with these babes grew to the next level. 


So that's what I've been up to! And since I've been home from LA I've started working on some reallllly exciting things that I can't wait to share with you! Keep your eyes peeled on your inbox throughout this month and next!

I wanna know what's next for YOU ?! What cool trips are you taking? What new friendships are you making? How are you taking your freedom lifestyle to the next level? 

If you wanna chat about how you can create your own freedom lifestyle an go on cool trips like this, book a FREE Freedom Breakthrough call with me, and let's chat about how we can get you there. It didn't take me long to create this lifestyle and doesn't have to for you either!

So happy to be connected with you again!

Kelly XO

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