It can be hard to keep the glass half full when you're stuck in traffic and late for work, spill your morning coffee all over your new white shirt, or have no clue how you're going to pay your bills this month.

And then people tell you to "stay positive!" and you feel like punching them in the face, right?

I get it... because I've been there AND I still have those moments. The truth is, everyone does.

I'm not here to tell you how to be perfect and never have those moments ever again. But what I will share with you is how to have them a lot less often, and reduce your recovery time when they do happen.

When I used to be in situations that really frustrated me or brought me down, it would usually take a lonnnnng time for me to feel better again. Sometimes it was months or weeks. But with the tips I'm about to share with you, I'm usually able to turn that recovery time into a couple hours or even minutes - AKA I spend a lottttt less time worrying and stressing over useless shit!

Introducing... the daily practice. Your go-to rituals to keep vibin high and feelin' your best!

Your daily practice is something that should be done at minimum, every morning. If you can add in rituals that you do throughout your day and before bed, bonus points!

When you start your day off on a positive note, if shitty things happen throughout your day, they are much less likely to throw you off, or throw you off for a long period of time. Actually, you are less likely to even look at these "shitty situations" as shitty situations. It's likely you'll see the good in them, or switch your focus to something good.

Your daily practice should consist of something for your mind, body and soul/energy.

+ meditation
+ personal development (reading a book, listening to a podcast)
+ journaling (fears and limiting beliefs, affirmations, new positive beliefs, etc)

+ warm lemon water
+ green juice
+ exercise

+ anything that makes you feel like your best self and connected to your highest self
+ meditation and journaling can also be great for your soul
+ visualization
+ blasting your fave song and having a solo dance party
+ EFT tapping
+ lighting sage/palo santo

The length of your daily practice is up to you. If you have the time to spend an hour, amazing. If you don't, use the time you DO have. Either way, do what works for YOU.

Another tip I have is to take advantage of getting ready, driving or cooking time. If you don't have 20 minutes to sit down and read, put on a podcast or audiobook (that will make you feel good and inspired) while you're doing your makeup or driving to work. 

Now let me take a second to pump up meditation... because it's effing life changing!

I used to be sooooo resistant to meditation. I hate sitting still and I am always multitasking. Meditation was literally a nightmare for me. 

BUT because I experienced such incredible results, I grew to love it. On the days I meditate, I notice a BIG difference in how I think and how I feel. Which ultimately affect the results I get in my personal life and business. It's become a no-brainer. And when I feel out of alignment, I can almost always trace this back to the fact I skipped meditation that day.

I encourage you to make meditation a non-negotiable aspect of your daily practice, and commit to doing it every day for 21 days. Keep a journal of how you feel during these days compared to when you weren't meditating. 

Here is a link to one of my favourite meditations that I found on YouTube:

What are you committing to for your daily practice? How are you creating your own unique practice and incorporating the mind, body and soul? 

I'd LOVE to hear what you came up with! Comment below and we can share our practices!

XOXO Kelly

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