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Earlier this month I collaborated with an amazing, local shopping mall, The Bramalea City Centre, and became the newest member of their style squad! I spent a day doing shopping at BCC and did a style takeover on their Instagram stories where I shared my shopping experience and all my great finds. If you want to check it out head over to @bccstyle on Instagram and you can find my takeover in the highlights!


I had a BLAST doing the style takeover, so I wanted to share my recent shopping experience at the Bramalea City Centre with you, and three of my favourite, must-have summer outfits I scored!


There were 2 things I was looking for during my shopping trip at BCC:


1) While being a work-from-home entrepreneur who lives the laptop lifestyle is so amazing and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world, it’s not always as glamorous as it may seem. To be totally honest, most days look like me working in my PJs with a messy bun and no makeup until 3 PM. As someone who strongly believes that how you think and feel about yourself determines your reality, this isn’t always the best look! In order to achieve the results I desire in my business, it’s important I look and feel my best, at least majority of the time!


2) I LOVE to travel. In fact it’s one of the big reasons why I started my online business - so I could have the freedom to travel wherever, whenever, and for as long as I please! Traveling is really important to me and I do my best to take multiple trips a year. Next month I’m spending 3 weeks traveling Paris, the French Riviera, Spain and Brussels, (is there anything better than a summer euro trip?!), so naturally I wanted to stock up on some cute, Instagram-worthy outfits!



The Freedom BabeXBCC_merci.JPG

I found this simple, but oh-so-cute t-shirt from Dynamite. I fell in love the minute I saw that it said “merci.” I mean how could I not get this when I’m going to France?! PLUS the price was a total no-brainer! The shorts I found at Aritzia and were on sale - bonus!! The material of both the tee and  the shorts is super light which makes them a great option for traveling and an everyday summer outfit. I also am totally loving the white on white - it gives off such a fresh, summer feel!


I wanted to accessorize this outfit without going overboard. When it comes to accessories, less is more in my opinion! I headed to Saks Off 5th in search of some classy hoop earrings and boy did I luck out!

Not only did Saks have a great selection of hoops, the ones I purchased were only $10! I LOVE accessorizing with earrings. Anyone who knows me knows this is my go-to accessory, because they add so much to a look. 


I also added a red hat from Aritzia (another sale item!) to this outfit. I have a soft spot for baseball caps because they look super cute, are great for bad hair days (or when you haven't washed your hair in days), and protect you from the sun. Anyone else love how the red hat matches the writing on the tee?! 

The Freedom BabeXBCC_merci accessories.JPG
The Freedom BabeXBCC_red hat.JPG


During my shopping adventure I was also looking for an outfit that was a bit more glam, yet versatile enough to be dressed down. When I travel I really try to avoid over-packing, so I look for pieces that are great both daytime and nighttime. 


Well… I definitely succeeded! I can always count on Aritzia to make me feel glam, so that’s exactly where I headed when I began my search for this outfit. I am so obsessed with this jumper from Aritzia and I’ve actually been eyeing it for a few months now. When an outfit has been on my mind for that long, I know I need to get it! 

I love this outfit for so many reasons. The material is light and breathable, the quality is top-notch, it ties in the back (so cute!!), and it has the versatility I was looking for!


I paired this outfit with some super trendy shades I found in Aldo and the gold hoops from Saks Off 5th. But something was still missing… a nice tan sandal to complete the outfit! This is when I headed to The Bay. I can ALWAYS count on The Bay for shoes! It’s always one of the first places I look. Literally within minutes I found these gorgeous tan suede sandals with a small heel. I was instantly obsessed and to top it off they were 50% off - if that’s not a sign I don’t know what is!


I really love how much you can do with this outfit. In the evening or fall it would look so sharp with a leather jacket! In the daytime I’d swap the sandal for a white sneaker, and add an oversized denim jacket - so many options!!

The Freedom BabeXBCC_jumper.jpg
The Freedom BabeXBCC_jumper accessories.JPG


For my 7 hour flight to Paris next month I wanted to find an outfit that allowed me to feel comfortable, but still cute and put together (really not feelin the run down airport look these days).


At Aritzia I found some black overalls and if I’m being honest, I’ve barely taken them off since I purchased them. They are SO comfy and absolutely adorable, making them the perfect airport outfit! I paired them with the merci tee I found at Dynamite, and added a mini white backpack from Forever 21 for all of my important travel necessities - like the Herbivore rose hydrating mist from Sephora! I really wanted to find a mini backpack so I didn’t have to worry about carrying a heavy handbag around. 


This outfit is also great for working from home, a cute café, or exploring a new city. Like the rest of my outfits, it’s super versatile.

The Freedom BabeXBCC_overalls
The Freedom BabeXBCC_BW.jpg

I wrapped up my shopping trip with a delicious dinner at The Keg - you can never go wrong there! Fun fact: I used to be a server at the BCC location and it was my last job before I went full time in my business! 


What I really loved about shopping at BCC was the location and its proximity to Caledon. It’s so nice to not have to drive all the way to Toronto for some quality shopping!


I had such a fun time shopping for some every-day and travel outfits at Bramalea City Centre. I scored so many fashionable finds that will allow me to work from my PJs WAY less often and look super cute and trendy while roaming around Europe in September! I can already picture the Instagram posts ;) 


What are your must-have summer outfits for work and travel?!


XOXO Kelly

P.S. I feel soooo grateful that I've created a life that allows me to work form home AND travel whenever, wherever and for however long I please. If this is the lifestyle you know you're meant to be living, we need to chat! This is exactly what I help my clients with and I can help you with it too. Schedule a free call with me to talk about how we can make this happen!

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