Do you ever feel like the freedom lifestyle is some big mystery?

Like howwww are all these Instagram girls traveling somewhere new each month? Don't they have a boss to report to? Don't they only get 2 weeks vacation time? How are they making money???

This was my EXACT thought process not too long ago, when I LOVED the idea of jet-setting to Paris spontaneously, not having to ask my boss for time off and having all the money to easily make it happen, BUT... not quite sure how to exactly create this lifestyle for myself.

Well, I'm happy to report, that after many years of trial and error, lots of tears, and lots of dollars invested, I finally figured it out. I finally created my own freedom lifestyle that consists of:

+ Career freedom - I am now fully self-employed and quit my part-time job just 9 months after launching my personal brand and business.

+ Time freedom - I spend my days working as much or as little as I desire on my business. I now know that working more doesn't equal more success, which has created so much more freedom for me!

+ Financial freedom - I decide what I'm worth, and therefore how much money I make. In my first year in business I had multiple 5-figure months and ended the year with 6-figures in sales.

These aren't the 3 steps to creating a freedom lifestyle, but once I established the 3 steps, I was able to create career, time and financial freedom in your life. And so can you!

I've broken down the freedom lifestyle into 3 simple steps that I'm sharing with you today, so you can create your own freedom lifestyle that you are so obsessed with!


The first step in creating a freedom lifestyle is giving yourself the permission to dream. So many women never live a freedom lifestyle because they never got clear on what that even looked like for them in the first place.

Sooooo if we are going to create this fab, fun and freedom-filled life, we need to start dreaming big!

You can start this step today. Get clear on what your dream, freedom lifestyle looks like and don't hold anything back! Write a list of everything you desire in your life, and then create a journal entry as though you already have those things and are already living this lifestyle. This will put your desires into The Universe and begin the manifestation process!


The second step to creating the freedom lifestyle is to believe. Believe in yourself, believe in your desires and believe it's going to happen for you.

If you've created this big, amazing vision on your dream life, but you're telling yourself it's not possible, then this lifestyle physically cannot come to you - it's the law of attraction.

BUT, if you do the inner work to believe you are worthy of this lifestyle, re-write the negative thoughts and beliefs that tell you anything otherwise, and trust with everything you have that this lifestyle is already on it's way to you... then you'll see some major shifts happen.


While the first two steps are absolutely essential for calling in your freedom lifestyle, we HAVE to also take the action. Without taking action on your freedom lifestyle, it remains a hope or a wish. Taking action toward our dream, freedom lifestyle is how we show The Universe that we're doing our part and we mean business. 

The important part about taking action is to make sure it's aligned action with your desires. Is the action you're taking moving you toward your freedom lifestyle? Is it action that feels good and inspiring? Or are you hustling away, doing work that you don't enjoy because you think it will result in a certain outcome?

The action HAS to feel good and expansive to you to reach your desired outcome.

Which step have you already mastered? Which steps need some work? If you're not sure, I always like to start fresh at step 1 and paint a picture of the lifestyle I desire. As we grow and evolve, our desires will grow and evolve with us, so it's important to practice these steps often to make sure you're in alignment with what you're working toward.

If you're ready to dive into these steps a lot deeper (I can only go so far on a blog post!), ask yourself the right questions, create more clarity on your freedom lifestyle and the work that needs to happen to get there, and learn how to use these 3 steps to create more time, career and financial freedom in your life, check out my Freedom Foundations Bundle.

The bundle includes a recorded training (from moi) and interactive workbook that together walk you through the 3 steps in sooo much detail, and help you get clear on: 

+ what your best freedom lifestyle looks like  
+ the negative thoughts that are holding you back and how to re-write them
+ the action you need to take so you can be well on your way to living that freedom lifestyle you dream of

Check out the bundle here.

Or, if you want to deep dive into this together, book a FREE call with me to chat about how we can create your freedom lifestyle in 2018. These calls are reserved for babes who are super motivated and ready to change now!

If there's anything else I can do to help you get more clear on your freedom lifestyle, comment below and let me know! I'm here to support you 100% with your freedom lifestyle, boo!

Loveee you!

Kelly XOXX

P.S. There are 2 things you can do today to get you closer to the freedom you desire in your life and biz! Book a free call with me to chat about how we can make this happen for you OR check out my Freedom Foundations Bundle!

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