So, last week I officially locked in my flights to Europe next month - wooohooo! 

Traveling is one of my FAVOURITE things in the world. I love exploring new cities. I'm obsessed with airports. And who doesn't love a good travel insta post?! So fun.

This is where I'll be in Europe over the course of the trip:

+ Paris for a 3 day biz event with a handful of my biz besties (haven't seen them since Feb and I'm SO excited to squeeze them!)

+ Paris for another 4 days with my mom and sister - how cute, right?!

+ French Riviera for 4 days with my mom and sister - SO excited for this part

+ Spain for a week with my babe - Barcelona for a few days and either and island or the south for the rest (if you have some suggestions for cute beachy spots in Spain reply to this email!!)

+ Brussels for 1 day before we fly home - bring on the Belgian beer and waffles 😍


At the end of October I'm heading to LA to host an in-person event exclusive to my mastermind beauties! Followed by an in-person 1:1 trip in Hawaii with my own coach.

Guys... I am just so excited, so naturally I had to fill you in.

Because of all this travel talk lately, I felt inspired to share my 5 best summer travel hacks with you!



I used to (and still sometimes am) be the kind of traveler to just throw everything in my suitcase and not plan out any outfits in advance. The problem with this is I was wayyyyy over packing. And worse than that, I would waste so much time when I traveled trying to pick an outfit and often not even being satisfied with what I was wearing.

Who wants to post insta photos in outfits they're not obsessed with?! Not me! Once I started planning my outfits in advance I actually found I was so excited to wear them when I was traveling. PLUS I save so much time when I'm traveling, and don't feel so incredibly overwhelmed by all the shit I packed lol. 

I've also heard of people taking photos of their outfits before they pack - love this idea and going to try it for Europe!


I don't know about you, but there's nothing worse than having a trip to leave for the next day and having so many other commitments that you don't even know when you'll find the time to pack. OR, coming home from a trip exhausted or jet-lagged to have a fully-booked day the next day. 

Nope nope nope. Been there and done that way too many times! What I've started doing recently is booking off the day before I leave, and the day after I get back to just have me-time and relax. I don't schedule in anything that requires too much energy so I can let myself prepare for or recoup from the trip. 

It seriously has been such a game changer and I totally recommend giving this a try! I understand not everyone can do this because of work commitments, but do what you can or schedule in some self-care on these days.


Planes can be soooo dehydrating. Ever find after a flight your skin feels gross and your digestion is off? Yup. Drink that water gf! I always like to fill up my water bottle before a flight or grab a big 1L bottle. Make sure you're staying hydrated on your travel days to avoid any sickies that can come from traveling.

I also started using a hydrating skin mist by Odacitie recently that I LOVE. I'll definitely be bringing it on my carry-on to stay extra hydrated on my long-haul flight to Paris!


Don't get me wrong, I'm a planner. I like to have an idea of what I'm doing and where I'm going. But I've realized when it comes to travel too much structure isn't fun. There's been plenty of times where I've planned and booked TOO much and my travel schedule lacks flexibility for spur-of-the-moment fun. 

Plan what you're comfortable with and leave some room to figure things out as you go! Travel is about exploring and being spontaneous. An overly-rigid schedule doesn't create space for that.


Ever been planning to go somewhere for a long time? Like you constantly talked about it to your friends and family, but you never ended up booking the ticket, and still haven't taken the trip? It's so easy to let this happen! 

There will always be an excuse or reason why the timing isn't good, or why you should save the money instead. At the end of the day if it's a trip that really excites you, has been on your mind for some time, or you just have a feeling in your gut that you need to go, book the damn ticket!

Once you just book the ticket it becomes so much more real and you'll always figure out the next steps from there. Even if you're scared initially, you'll thank yourself later. I always say, "no one ever regrets traveling!" 

I want to hear all about your summer travel plans! Comment below and let me know where you're headed next!

AND if you love the idea of traveling whenever and wherever you feel like, but you just don't know how you'd even create a life that allows you to do that, book in a free Freedom Breakthrough session with me and we'll strategize this together!

Sending you love + the best summer travel vibes!

Kelly XOXX

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