your homeworK:

+ re-listen to module 7 call

+ complete module 7 workbook




example of my pre-call form



Website (if applicable)

1. How did you hear about Kelly + The Freedom Babe?


2. Describe where you're at in your business right now (drop down box):
+ thinking of starting a business and examining my options
+ getting business in place to launch this quarter
+ I have a business but no clients yet
+ I have a few clients but want to be fully booked
+ scaling really fast - looking for $10K months


3. What inspired you to book this call with me?


4. What is your #1 struggle in your life/biz?


5. Why does this have to change now?


6. What do you want your life and biz to look like this year?


7. Do you believe that your energetic alignment impacts your success?


8. On a scale of 1-10 how aligned do you feel with your lifestyle? 1 - 'My day-to-day life consists of things I can't stand (like my boss) and I live for the weekends.' 10 - 'I take time to do what's important to me and feel my best every day. I feel free.'


9. On a scale of 1-10 how aligned do you feel in your business? 1 - 'I don't even know what day it is or where my next payment is coming from.' 10 - 'I'm in FLOW with the universe and calling in all the dream clients.' 


10. On a scale of 1-10, how serious are you about investing time, energy and finances into yourself and your future right now? *


11. Are you comfortable discussing any of my service options that would support your goals on our call? ***My programs range from $997-$8500 USD and I offer a variety of payment options. (yes/no option)


12. Which best describes you? (drop down box)
+ I am in control of my finances and know that investing in myself moves me forward
+ I can make money for the things that are important to me
+ Even if I don't have all the money in hand, I know I can energetically make the money happen
+ I am totally maxed out - can barely pay my bills and can't find a way out

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