your homeworK:

+ set your intentions for this program and commit to showing up for yourself

+ set your intentions for 2018

+ write out your 1 year vision (be specific and don't hold back!!)

+ create clarity your core values and non-negotiables and write them out

+ based on your desires, goals and core values, how can you run a business that's reflective and incorporative of these?

+ what is your biz blueprint for 2018? what does your biz look like? - be as specific as you can without overthinking it (** take note of any intuitive ideas that come up **)

+ what do you see yourself doing and who do you see yourself helping?

+ write out your business, income and lifestyle goals for 2018 (3 for each)

+ what is the first step you are taking toward each of those goals? (schedule them in your calendar to help hold you accountable and remind you!)

+ "what would you have me do exercise" - in meditation, visualize what you want 2018 to look like, and when you're ready to come out of it, ask your higher self/The Universe, "what would you have me do?" write ANYTHING that comes up!

+ how can you make self-care a priority in 2018?