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Hey babe!

You’re already aware that there’s outstanding opportunity online to build a brilliant biz that supports your dream lifestyle!
You see these coaches and consultants calling in their ideal clients and creating lots of wealth in rapid amounts of time, and you’re wondering HOW they do it. When you’re reallyyyy honest, you might even be questioning if it’s possible at all . . . because it seems pretty far removed from your current life.





I see you there, sitting in that stuffy cubicle and counting down the days until your next (too-short) beach get-away. Feeling frustrated when you have to ask permission to go to a simple doctor’s appointment or get your hair done. Denying yourself of that glass of champagne because, well, you’re on a budget!

Flipping through the pages of your favorite magazine and fantasizing about some day when you’ll finally be able to afford the gorgeous clothes you see inside. Putting together your pinterest board of ideal travel destinations while questioning how ANYONE can have enough time or money to get to Bali, LA or Paris.

But what if you COULD pick up and travel anytime you wanted What if you didn’t have to ask ANYONE for permission to take a few days off? What if you made plenty of money, so you could shop for anything your heart desires without worrying about sticker shock?

How would it feel to know you could create WHATEVER income you desired? And how about if you could do this in a way that feels fun, light and FREE???!!!



you deserve to live the freedom babe lifestyle

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I’ve created an online biz that gives me the time and financial freedom to ENJOY my life and the means to make a huge impact in the world. And now, I help other babes find freedom, too!

Your spectacular success is a lot closer than you think! You just need the right roadmap!

I know because I’ve been where you’re at! I realized pretty early on in my career that I just wasn’t cut out for corporate. I had zero patience for being told WHERE and WHEN I had to be somewhere.

I don’t mind hard work (in fact, I actually LOVE working when I’m doing something I’m passionate about), but I really resisted the busy-work that I felt like so many bosses wanted. I didn’t see how what I was doing really moving the needle or making a positive impact, and I started thinking about how short life is and how much I really wanted MY life to COUNT for something!

So, in my early 20s, I started a network marketing business and built my team to the point that I created a solid part-time income in that business. Yet there was still a problem. I loved the company I worked with (still do!), but getting to an income level that felt exciting and expansive to me started to feel like a J-O-B.

Every time I’d go up a rank, I felt this huge pressure to keep the people underneath me engaged so that my income didn’t dip again (if you’ve not been in network marketing, I should explain that my income was also dependent on my team’s production). Because of that, I felt chained to my phone and didn’t seem to be able to let a day pass without doing some sort of work check-in.  I had gone out on my own in network marketing to create freedom for my lifestyle, but it wasn’t giving me the flexibility I expected. There were always new targets to hit, and they were set by the company - not by me. I knew I needed another change.


That’s when I found my coach!

Everything shifted when I connected with her, and she began teaching me how I could create a TRULY freedom-based business that I could run from my laptop! The whole world opened up for me! Through following some very specific, logical steps + calling on my feminine intuition and feeling into each option presented to me, I’ve created $10k weeks, $25k months, and I’m on track to do much, much more this year!

But more than that, I found work where I’m helping other female biz owners build massive momentum and truly uplevel their own lives in a way that feels totally free, vibrant and fun!





Build Your Freedom-Based Online Empire In Four Months!


YOUR freedom-based business is only a few short months away, when you have the right tools and support at your (perfectly-manicured) fingertips!

And this program is specifically designed and curated to give you every resource you’ll need to create an online empire fueled by your passion that will fulfill your desires!



Every single one of us has 24 hours in a day (from the barista who makes your latte to Kate Middleton)! We choose how to spend our precious hours, and if building a business has been on your mind, NOW is the time to take action toward your dreams.


How much money are you losing by staying stuck in a job that zaps your energy and letting your skills and talents go unnoticed? Yes, it costs money to build an online business, but the investment is TINY compared to the opportunity for profits once you’ve got the foundations in place. And I’ve laid everything out for you, step-by-step in my Freedom Babe Biz Bootcamp, so you won’t waste a dime on techniques that don’t work!



These coaches and consultants who are KILLING it online are not special snowflakes.  The difference between you and them is that they WENT FOR IT! They had a goal and pursued it with every ounce of energy they’ve got. They invested and now they’re reaping the rewards. You can do it, too!



The Freedom Babe Business Bootcamp Gives You the Masculine Systems & Structures + the Feminine Intuition and Flow You Need to Build a Strong Business That Also Feels Sexy and Chic!




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the freedom babe business bootcamp





Before I met Kelly I was an overworked retail manager and had been working 50-60 hour weeks for six years while ago growing my blog. I’ve always had a passion for writing and my blog was my baby. After 5 years of blogging I decided I was really going to buckle down and make it my full-time job, but I had no idea how to start a coaching business and was honestly really overwhelmed with the idea of attracting clients.

After I began working with Kelly I was able to get the best of both worlds: tactical and mindset support that allowed me to launch my business quickly. Since I started working with Kelly I’ve quit my demanding 9-5, attended New York Fashion Week (something I would have never been able to do if I was still working as a retail manager with my hectic schedule), planned three new trips for 2018, replaced my old income, had my first client a month after I launched my business, enrolled 3 clients in 48 hours and finally have the freedom to make my own hours and focus on the things that matter most to me, like my blog and my family. 

When I was looking for a coach it was really important to me that I found someone who I could relate to and who would be really authentic and real. Kelly doesn’t sugarcoat things or pretend that life is perfect all the time. She understands that as business owners we can have not so great days and moments of doubt and she doesn’t just try to brush past it and move on. She really invests time into making sure you FEEL like a successful entrepreneur while also giving you the strategies you need to succeed. I’m basically obsessed with her and feel so lucky every day that I found her! She was (and is) my dream coach and I love working with her!

- Sheila Smires, Lifestyle Blogger & Blogging Success Coach


1. Elite-Level Business Support for Four Full Months:

When you enroll, you’ll have access to me for 16 weeks within the group program. I can’t wait to share all my biz building secrets with you! I’ve made this work, and now you’ll be able to as well!

2. Eight Specifically Curated Modules:

We cover every mega-necessary biz building topic. I’ve taken a lot of programs, and most either focus on masculine structures OR feminine intuition, but we’re hitting both, babe! Your biz must be balanced to call in the cash and keep the fun flowing!


3. Eight Group Coaching Calls - INCLUDING Q&A Time in Each Call:

Every other week, we’ll have a powerful group coaching call on the content of that week’s module. There will be plenty of time for YOUR individual questions during each one of these calls, so the information can be tailored to YOUR needs and desires. I’ve also found that each group member will learn even more by listening to the other members’ questions!

4. Recordings of Each of Our Group Coaching Calls:

If you have to miss a call, no worries! You’ll have access to the recording from each call in our Members area.


5. Special BONUS Orientation And Welcome Calls:

You’ll want to join ASAP so you get the benefit of our special Orientation and Welcome calls, held before the official “start” of the program! They’ll give you maximum benefit from each module!


6. The Most Enjoyable Homework You’ll Ever Do (LOL):

Who loves homework??!!! You, babe, when you see how fast your biz will grow as you implement the assignments I give along with each module!


7. Worksheets and Resources:

I’m giving you everything I can to support you in making your freedom-based dreams into your reality! This includes workbooks and PDF guides that will keep you moving forward!


8. Private FB Group:

Bond with your Freedom Babe sisters in our private FB group. These ladies will be your new Mastermind partners and biz besties! You can come here 24/7 during the program for personalized support!


Not tech-savvy? No problemo! This program is loaded with step-by-step tutorials for all of the intimidating tech parts of launching an online business. I promise these tutorials will take ALL of the stress off your shoulders!



I’m bringing in the best of the best. Not only will you learn from me, but also from industry experts who are sharing their biggest success secrets with you!

11. Live Luxury Event in Toronto

We are hanging out in Toronto together this spring! During this one day in-person event, we’ll cover advanced biz building techniques and celebrate your success {with champagne!} in person! Usually this is only for VIPs but this time I’m opening it up to everyone!

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Before I started working with Kelly, I had been ignoring my entrepreneurial "whisper" for a long time. Kelly encouraged me to dream bigger than I had before, and also opened me up to being more aware of signs from the universe that I had been getting.

Now I am working on building my business, and so much more excited for the future. I loved having Kelly as a coach because she really held me accountable so I couldn't make excuses. She encouraged me to just get shit done and that it was better done than perfect.

I appreciated that Kelly was always extremely organized and had lots of tips, tricks and worksheets to get me started and keep me moving ahead. I found our time together to be a great mix of mindset work (which I definitely needed) and practical business advice. I definitely learned a lot from her that I will implement in my life and biz going forward.

- GILLIAN GALAMBOS, Founder and Digital Brand Strategist, ArrowPost Digital Marketing

the freedom babe business bootcamp



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You’re ALL in, and you want the FAST track to FREEDOM!

The VIP Option is your premier ticket to a brilliant biz, as you’ll receive extra, personalized attention throughout the program.

Our Freedom Babe Business Bootcamp VIPs receive (in addition to all of the amazing elements listed above):

1. Four vip-only group Coaching Calls

During each month of the Bootcamp, you’ll have access to a private, VIP-only call with your VIP sisters and I for your most sensitive and specific biz questions. We can go DEEP in these calls to get you unstuck and on the speedway to success.


2. one private 1:1 coaching call

We’re getting crystal clear on your business plan, creating your 9-5 exit strategy and mapping out your fool-proof plan to 6-figures in 2019! Need I say more?


3. VIP-only time at Luxury Event in Toronto

Oh yes, when you’re VIP, you’re going LUXE all the way! I’ve got something extra special planned at our event that’s for VIPs only!




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“Okay, Kelly, this all sounds ah-mah-zing, but what exactly are you covering in the program?”

I’m glad you asked! Here’s a Module-by-Module Breakdown of The Freedom Babe Business Bootcamp:



Learn exactly what you need to set yourself up for success in the sixteen-week program. We’ll set intentions, design lifestyle and business blueprints (I’m all about designing your business around your life, and not the other way around), and make your big biz goals for 2018!


+ Discover and craft your ideal client avatar with crystal clarity

+ Create your electric elevator pitch {sell your ideal clients into your services in 60 seconds or less}

+ Reconnect with your big WHY

+ Build a BRILLIANT brand that clearly communicates your WHO and your WHY and calls in all of your ideal clients!


+ Create a daily practice to center and ground your business

+ Own your spirituality and use it to enhance your biz

+ Master manifesting {what do you want? Clients, Cash, Travel? Let’s go get it!}

+ Simplify Your Schedule {learn to prioritize the most important parts of your biz so everything flows}


+ Create your signature offering and tailor it to your ideal client’s most pressing concerns

+ Practice powerful pricing strategies {and master your money mindset so you feel comfy/cozy charging premium rates}

+ Develop your website outline to showcase your offerings

+ Create your standout sales pages





+ Craft your irresistible opt-in offer

+ Create a captivating email funnel that is automated and converts!

+ Learn to make luscious landing pages

+ Set up stellar Social accounts {and know which platforms will work best for you!}

+ Create a Content Calendar {filled with blogs and posts that speak directly to your ideal client}

+ Launch Your Biz!


+ Engage the top FEMININE sales strategies

+ Learn to incorporate your feminine energy into your sales conversations

+ Hone in on your intuition and insight

+ Craft crystal clear offers - BEFORE the pitch


+ Master the top MASCULINE sales strategies

+ Plan, outline and EXECUTE your first full launch

+ Experience mega-list growth by implementing these techniques

+ Use fierce funnels to fill your customer pipeline



+ How to combine your masculine + feminine energy to call in dream clients

+ Seal the deal with successful sales calls

+ Outstanding on-boarding practices

+ Refine your online presence and show up as your authentic, freedom-loving, biz-babe self for your clients

+ Setting strong boundaries {it’s OKAY to say no!}


+ Learn strategies for staying consistent {steady clients, steady sales} through biz cycles

+ Refine your pricing structures {this means RAISE them steadily!}

+ Keeping success fun, light and free!

+ Next steps in your online biz {group programs, live events, and more!}

+ Becoming an influencer

+ Celebrate the massive momentum you’ve built!

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tracy had paying clients before launching her website


Kelly helped turn my idea into a full blown life coaching business.

It wasn't until I met with her that I knew I was already coaching people. She brought awareness to what I was doing naturally and helped me turn it into a business that I love!

Kelly's unique approach helped me land paying clients before my website was launched!

Kelly always made me feel supported and encouraged my ideas. She kept me grounded and on track with my goals. I couldn't have launched my business so quickly without her guidance! 

- Tracy WREN, My Hippie Life Coach

the freedom babe business bootcamp



Question:  Hey Kelly, I’m still in my 9-5 and I’m worried I won’t have time for this program. Should I just wait until you run it again? Maybe my schedule will be better then . . .

Answer: I get that working this program along with a full-time job will be intense, but do you really think your schedule will be free in another six months, year, or three years if you don’t start taking action toward your dreams today?! I know people who’ve built six figure businesses while still working full-time, and this is possible for you, too! Just imagine how you’ll feel in 4 months when you’ve got a fully functional biz bringing in clients and cash! It’s worth scheduling time for this program, I promise!


Question: I already have a business. It’s not really doing what I want it to, but I’ve got the foundation pieces set up. Am I too advanced for this program?

Answer: If you have an existing business, but you’re not getting the results you desire, then this program is absolutely for you!!! Having a website, a FB ad, and a landing page is not a guarantee for biz success. It’s crucial that all the pieces of your business are working together in a systematic way AND that you have the right mindset, client attraction techniques, and sales strategies to make your freedom-based biz thrive. I repeat, if what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working, this program is for YOU!


Question: I reallllyyyy want to be a Freedom Babe, but the price is holding me back. Do you offer payment plans?

Answer: Absolutely!  I designed this program with multiple payment options so that you can choose the investment level that feels most supportive to you! Don’t let money hold you back from pursuing your dreams! I was scared to invest at first, too, but I knew I needed the skills and knowledge my coach could give me in order to build a sustainable and profitable biz. And in just a few short months, I created enough financial freedom for myself to travel where I want, when I want, buy my family awesome gifts, and enjoy shopping splurges, too! This isn’t random spending - it’s an investment in yourself and your future. You’re so worth this.


Question: Do you offer refunds?

Answer: Sorry, babe, no refunds here. I only work with highly committed, dedicated women who are determined to build a freedom-based biz that complements their lifestyle. A coach I know says “The transformation is in the transaction,” and when you enroll in this program, we are energetically committing to each other. You’ve got to be all in for this to work, and once you’re all in, you won’t want out!


Question: I didn’t see my question listed! Can you help me?

Answer: Of course! Just send an email to with your question, and someone from my team will respond to you within 24 hours. We’ve got your back!


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Your freedom-based biz is just four months away when you join the bootcamp! I can’t wait to support you in the group!

the freedom babe business bootcamp

Chat with Kelly to be sure the Freedom Babe Business Bootcamp is the PERFECT fit!