How often do you take ownership of the things that happen in your life? Sure, it’s easy to take full responsibility of the positive things - a promotion, helping out a friend or family member, or receiving a bonus. But how often do you take responsibility for the negative, too?  

If you aren’t experiencing the success you desire, or you don’t have the nice things your friends have, are you more likely to look at where your life may need some improvements, or make an excuse? Unfortunately, more often than not, we tend to make excuses. Phrases like, “must be nice,” or “she’s just lucky,” or “I’d have that too if I had that money” become all too common.  

Bare with me for a minute here while I give you the ugly truth (in the most loving way possible).

The truth is, if you don’t have the lifestyle, relationships, finances, or career you want, you are the only one to blame. Yep, I said it. It is no one’s fault except yours, as to why you are where you are now. Does it sting a little? It’s okay.  

Let me share why this realization can actually be a good thing. 

Taking ownership of your life, and acknowledging why you aren’t where you want to be, can serve as MAJOR motivation. Just because you don’t have your sh*t together right now, doesn’t mean you can’t pull it together very quickly.  


Exhibit A: ME


After I finished my undergrad I was literally a walking mess. I didn’t know what career I wanted, my relationship was pretty crappy, and I wasn’t living a life I really enjoyed. Even worse, I wasn’t taking ownership for where I was. I couldn’t understand that my life looked like that because I allowed it to. I thought people who loved their jobs, had lots of money & envy-worthy relationships were just lucky. I also thought it would take LUCK (or a lot of school) to have the lifestyle I desired.


Thankfully, things changed for me. I began a new journey which involved a lot of personal growth, and I quickly realized, that I COULD have the life I wanted, if I was willing to put in the work. However, this also meant that I had to take FULL ownership for not just the positive things in my life, but also the negatives, in order to turn things around (click here to learn more about my story).

My point is, you can turn things around too. Here are a few ways to start. 


TIP #1: Pay attention to your thought patterns


The next time you find yourself making an excuse for not having the lifestyle you want, take a step back and acknowledge your thought pattern. Replace this with a POSITIVE thought about how you are taking action toward your dream life.  

Keep a journal of these thoughts. Write out the negative thought or excuse, strike a line through it, then write out your positive thought, and read it out loud. Also take note about what may trigger your negative thoughts or excuses. Soon you will be able anticipate negative thoughts and avoid them before they even happen! 


TIP #2:Get REALLY clear on what your dream life looks like


Of course, most of us want nice things and the freedom to do whatever we please. But what does that really look like to you? If you don’t know what you want your lifestyle to look like, chances are you won’t get there. Think about your perfect day. Be super detailed and write out a description of what that day looks like in the present tense. This will tell the Universe LOUD & CLEAR that you are serious about your desires, and will work strongly in your favour.  


TIP #3: Grow a ROCK SOLID mind


Personal development is your best friend. Constantly working on your personal development will seriously change you (for the better). Find a book or audio that is going to help you grow, and make 30 minutes for it EVERY DAY. What’s amazing about PD is not only will it be a MAJOR help in regards to taking ownership of your life, but you’ll also see improvements in every other area of your life too.  


TIP #4: Find Mentors


Make a list of at least 5 people who have the lifestyle you want. Whether it’s the finances, career, freedom, relationships, house, or gorg LV bag, if it’s something you REALLY admire about them, put them on your list. PICK THEIR BRAINS!! Ask them what has made them successful, and has helped them achieve their lifestyle. These are the people you should be learning & taking advice from, not the people who don’t have what you want


Start doing these things today and you will be amazed with the shifts you make. Once you realize you have the power to design your life, things really change. Stop waiting, and start making things happen!! You have SO got this! 

Make sure to keep me posted about all the incredible changes you experience!  

Comment below with any other amazing tips you have for taking ownership of your life. I would LOVE to hear them! 


love + abundance

kelly xx

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