I hope you've been enjoying my 3-step manifesting ritual so far and have found it helpful! Today I share step #3 with you!

Before I dive into the last step, I want you to take a minute to be super proud of yourself. It's honestly SO INCREDIBLE that you're taking the time to learn about manifesting and practicing it in your life. Be patient with yourself. This is a skill that takes time to develop and grow. Keep practicing these techniques everyday and soon you'll be a pro at manifesting!

The 3rd + final step to my manifesting ritual is release, surrender, trust. 

When you're working toward your desires you're likely going to get caught up in the how. You might think "well how is that ACTUALLY going to happen?" or "how am I going to manifest that when I have no idea where it's going to come from?"

First of all, these thoughts are completely normal! This is where I really struggled with manifesting myself. I'd want to know how my desires were going to come to me and when. I am all about specifics/details, so I easily got caught up in the small things.

However, what I want you to reallllllly know + understand is that the HOW is none of your business. All those fine details like how it's going to happen, when it's going to happen, what it will look like when it comes, etc., are none of your business! That's for The Universe to take care of. 

When you focus too much on the how/minor details, you're really slowing down the work of The Universe, and getting in your own way. The Universe ALWAYS has a bigger and better plan for you. Bigger + better than you could ever even think of! Which is amazing because it means you don't have to know all the answers! 

Do your part by staying the energetic match, and trusting that The Universe is taking care of the rest.

Trust is a huge factor in manifesting. And I'll be completely honest - it ain't always the easiest thing to do! When you have these massive desires, sometimes it can be very challenging to trust that they're on their way to you. But this is when you REALLY have to work that trust muscle. 

Every single day, trust that your desires are being met and that The Universe will deliver. Stay in the feeling of having what you want, and trust that it's happening, with everything you have.

Once you witness the manifestation process in your own life, the trust factor becomes a lot easier. So be patient, and know that with time you'll get better and this entire process gets easier! 

And there you have it, girl!! That's my 3-step manifesting ritual that I've used to manifest a 6-figure sales year my first year in biz, trips to multiple dream destinations, 5-figure cash months, incredible clients who I LOVE, and my dream SUV that I recently placed a custom order for. 

Here's a quick recap of the 3 steps:
1) Create clarity and set your intentions (what do you want and why)
2) Act as if (become an energetic match for your desires)
3) Release, surrender + trust (trust your desires are being met and let The Universe do it's thang!)

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